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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Art Of Racing In The Rain' trailer

Crap sap.

'Dora And The Lost City Of Gold' trailer

Hell no.

'FBI' promo


'Walking Dead' movie trailer


'Star Trek Picard' trailer

Data in a box. WTF? Some woman. Seven Of Nine! Borg. Hugh?!?

Best Line:

“Tried to belong here.”

'Arrow' season 8 promo

Just die already!

Best Line:

“Hubris and anger.”

'Pandora' sizzle reel

Space college?!?

'Watchmen' trailer

Nite Owl? Nixon! Doctor Manhatten!!! Silk Spectre II, Regina Hall and a pirate.

Best Lines:

“You curse too much.”

“People who wear masks are dangeorus.”

'Supergirl' season 5 promo


'Playmobil The Movie' trailer

Oh come on!

Coeur a l'orange – yum.

Caramelita – yum.

Dragon noir – yum.

Pointe de choclat – yum.

Almond Croquante – nice.

I will review 'Thomas Cromwell', 'The Last Astronaut', 'Pile Of Bones', 'The Other', 'The Vanishing Man', 'Gaslight Gothic', 'What October Brings', 'Kin', 'Prize Of Night', 'Paperback Crush' and 'Path Of Smoke'.

I won't read 'Chaos' or 'The Rumour' or 'Cuckoo'.

James Olsen is leaving 'Supergirl' – shame his character was ruined by Supergirl's sidepiece Mon-El taking over the show.

I still don't know why my ex is gone from my life. He didn't want me. I wasn't treated with dignity. He was not as committed to me as I thought. My ex is an absence not a presence. Is he a malevolent, self serving and dishonourable person? It's such a change from last year to this year. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

I'd try a chocolate custard tart.

Burt Ward is to be in 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'!!!!!!

'Into The Blue' (1997) was bad.

Edward Furlong is back for 'Dark Fate'?

I want a fin charm, a blue enamel charm and a heart charm. I want a biege gold and enamel watch, a Hortensia Eden watch and a La D de Dior Granville gold watch. Also I want a Calatrava rose gold watch, a Seamaster Aqua Terra rose gold chronometer, a Galop d'Hermes steel watch, a RM O7-03 Marshmallow watch and a neon watch.

'The Kids Are All Right' Quote:

“The enemy of fun.”

'Blood & Gold: The Making Of Spain' Quotes:

“Claw the nation together.”

“Bitter victory.”

“Blood purges.”

“World empire.”

“Virile power of character.”

“Brought calamity.”

“Dank corners of the dark and ignorant castles.”

“Towing special boats carrying their elephants and horses.”

“There it was before her.”

“14 years of long war.”

“One by one the strongholds of Granada had fallen.”

“A final reckoning.”

“Plotting against each other as was their way.”

“Apocalyptic fervour.”

“Murderous, disolute and treacherous.”

“Overthrown by his wicked uncle.”

“His mother forced him to usurp his own father.”

“Grizzled maverick.”

“Blessed day.”

“Viceroy of all her captured.”

“Signed the surrender terms.”

“Most royal marriages are miserable.”

“Cancelled her promised toleration.”

“Rode out on their mules to search for victims.”

“Faith and avarice.”

“Such was the mercy of the inquisition.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Consider alienating the police part of the job description.”

“Extreme anarchist group.”

“Sustained lunar presence.”

“A moon landing in the modern era.”

“Push forward in technology.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Most normal sane people.”

“Engage in all sorts of mayhem.”

“Get into that purpose.”

“That's going to happen.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Officially confirm he was wronged.”

“Gary Cooper and his mistress Lupe Velez were notorious for their loud parties and louder fights – usually triggered by the presence of Cooper's other mistress, Clara Bow.”

“I just cease to exist.”


“Forfeited a right to refuse.”

“Might, just might.”

“Tiresome media fixation.”

“Liberated zone.”


“Like they were doing you a favour by recognising you.”

“Without a civil war, famine or natural catastrophe in the background.”

“Spent it on things dictators tend to splash out on: places, guns and prestige sporting events.”

'The Kennedys' Quote:

“The coconut reaches allied lines.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Reverberate throughout history for evermore.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“All that was true in the world.”


“Inciting incidents.”

“Not a town known for its cinematic beauty.”

“Donate and exercise.”

“When you raise expectations beyond a realistic capacity to meet them, misery follows.”

“He says this admiringly.”

“We'd rather not be doing any of this.”

“Rural morons.”

“It's women causing the problem.”

“Excluding behaviours.”


'Grace And Frankie' Quotes:

“Are people looking?”

“Not talking is your forte.”

“Your anger is frightening the sand!”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Oblivious to the consequences.”


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