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Movie Review: Porndemic (2018) ☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂

This Showtime documentary centres on the 1998 HIV outbreak in the 'adult' business and the fallout, coverup and enduring consequences of it. In 1998 the 'business' was worth 10 billion dollars and 6 or 7 thousand 'films' were made a year. It was bigger than the NFL, NBA or baseball. A med student turned porn star talks about how a co-star gave her HIV and to this day, has never apologized.

This is a damning assessment of the 'business'. There is a slam on Mark Hamill. Bill Clinton got yelled at by HIV sufferers. A guy claims HIV was eugenics. People are deeply deeply unattractive. This was achingly earnest. The really terrible, shabby and shameful 'business ethics' are laid bare. People talk about how things had to get extreme in the 90s to keep viewer interest.

There is meaningless and insulting behaviour and brazen pot stirring. People talk about various HIV tests which may or may not actually have worked. A deep malaise about safety was obvious. There was a painfully slow response and people seriously misread the scene. People have no moral status. There are discomfitting attiudes and suspicion of wrongdoing by patient zero who made catastrophic silly life chocies.

There are unalterable facts and immoral people and morally impermissible acts. People were morally wrong. Old clips show old phones. Patient Zero is unrepentant to this day. There is overwhelming evil and no conventional human decency. People spew mean spirited divisive views. There is debased rhetoric, excuses and shame. This was good.

Best Lines:

“90s were awesome.”

“Total acceptance in society's eyes.”

“I actually thought that.”

“Perfect little Stepford child.”

“Playpen of the damned.”

“Can't spell the word tomorrow.”

“How wrong we were.”

“Use one or get none.”

“Digital video discs!”

“Swap meet level of entertainmnet.”

“Absolutely Roman.”

“Edge of disrepute.”

“Didn't want to have it.”

“Partner list.”

“Gift of a prophet.”

“Love to smoke cocaine.”

“You did me wrong.”

“Didn't think it mattered.”

“Maybe he's just stupid.”

“Didn't sound urgent.”

“That reluctant.”

“Culturally marginalised.”


“Unfathomable evil.”

“An evil thing to do.”

“Made the industry hate him.”

“Not living a smart life.”

“Betrayed the rest of us.”

“Dick of death.”

“Cast out from a group of outcasts.”

“Past bad act.”

“Fascist attacks.”

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