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Book Reviews: Wastelands The New Apocalypse, part 3 + The Time Of The Reaper 🎃👻☠💀🤮☣☣☣

Wastelands The New Apocalypse edited by John Joseph Adams, part 3

Four Kittens

In an overly brutal post-apoc a man engages in reckless disobedience and deliberate defiance by saving a potent symbol of hope. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Plenty of other wannabe dictators to work for out there in the wastes.”

The Eyes Of The Flood

Little meaningful here.

Best Line:

“Died so long ago that their bones are dust.”

The Last Garden

A woman is the sole survivor of the human race after humanity wipes itself out. All she has for company is an ethically neutral AI. This had dreary pacing.

Best Line:

“Doomsday vault.”

Through Sparks In Morning's Dawn

This seems to be a sequel to a story from the 1st 'Wastelands' anthology. The great landship Zephyr needs urgent repairs, the inevitable raiders show up. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Undo what you've done!”

“All civilizations lived among the ruins of the ones that came before.”

“Collapse mother.”

Cannibal Acts

In a post-plague apocalypse desperate people resort to desperate measures in this good story.

Best Lines:


“A pleasure to be the center of everyone's concern and attention.”

“There's a place on the map marked Troy but nobody has lived in those ruins or called it Troy in centuries.”


By Veronica Roth. A woman recalls her ill-remembered sister in the aftermath of an irreconcilable standoff between humans and AIs. This was okay.

Shooting The Apocalypse

By Paolo Bacigalup. Is this connected to 'The Water Knife'? In a divided USA riddled with drought, something is about to change. This was excellent and done in grim vivid detail. Things are souring and a terrible truth is slowly realised.

Best Lines:

“The reality narco show Hard Bangin'.”

“State Sovereignty Act.”

“Armed lunatics.”

“Brought their apocalypse down on their own damn selves.”

The Hungry Earth

Has a lack of ambivalance.

Last Chance

In a post-apoc world which is a quasi medieval hellhole, an idiot child tries to survive in the relentlessly brutal world. A weapon that has long been forgotten is found. While not conceptually daring – this was okay.

A Series Of Images From A Ruined City At The End Of The World

A frivolous rationalisation of complaints.

Best Line:

A man who only likes you when you see him a certain kind of way. When you get a glimpse of the real person, he runs.”

The Time Of The Reaper by Andrew Butcher

This YA novel was supposed to be the first in a series. But no follow ups have appeared since 2007. A plague wipes out everyone over 18. So hoodie mobs now rule and then in the twist ending aliens show up. This was woefully bad.

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