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Legend of the Seeker Season 1 Ep 2 Review


Rahl is a bad, bad, bad man with unwashed hair. Michael is dim and hangs out with a rent a mob. There is bad acting. Richard doesn’t think about the fact that all the former Seekers probably failed in their quest to kill Rahl. The Confessor’s white dress remains remarkably clean. Chase head butts a bad dude. There is slo-mo, mysterious costume changes, book burning and various bleak and uninspiring happenings.

I didn’t like this ep and the plight of Richard aka the poor man’s Karl Urban does nothing for me.

Best Lines:
“And more than magic, he has thousands of soldiers under his command.”
“And I’m supposed to kill him? Alone?”

“Darken Rahl has the power to speak to the dead.”
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