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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'After' trailer


'Point Blank' trailer

Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie star. No.

Best Line:

Help you with your aggression.”

'Greenhouse Academy' trailer


'Quarries' promo

Looks okay.

Gluten free shortbread – nice.

Gluten free Rocky Road – nice.

Remember Max – gone since 1990.

Data death is a thing?

I want a maroon slip dress, a crepe slip dress, a lace trimmed camisole and a monochrome slip dress.

I won't read 'I Looked Away'.

Dexter Fletcher is to direct 'Sherlock Holmes 3'? Where's Guy Ritchie? It's 10 years since 'Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows'!

My ex was emotionally neglectful. I've lost a vision of my life. He caused insecurity and emotional distress. What damaged the bond between me and me and my ex? A WHORE! I wish him an eternally catastrophic life. I feel desperately unhappy about my ex's stony detachment. Why did my ex turn cold and ungiving? My ex's brutal rejection hurts. The destruction and misery he's caused. My ex has a couldn't care less apathy toward me. It's an inversion of logic!

I'd try Guiness and black cherry cake. And custard tart ice-cream and rose cider.

What is a double dug-out basement?

'Free Rein' is dumb.

Best Lines:

“Pony princesses.”

“Home talk.”

“Angry ball of glitter.”

“Boys coming out of bushes.”

“Detective mode engaged.”

'Louis Theroux Surviving America's Most Hated Family' Quotes:

“Filthy conduct.”

“Y'all are trash!”

“Drop kick your ass to hell.”

“Your mind is very odd.”

“Free will is a satanic lie.”

“Mr Louis.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“I was some misplaced foundling child of the avant-garde who'd been left on a step somewhere in Smethwick to a factory worker and his wife.”

“I don't really approve of popcorn in cinemas,”

“Cultural critics.”


“Exquisitely curated ironies and attiudes.”

“Laughably fanciful claims were made for the social relevance.”

“Detachment from modern Ireland.”

“Pitifully docile.”

“Unapologetic otherness.”

“Menacing inertia punctuated by outbreaks of unexplained violence.”

“Courtly magnificence.”

“Never as absolute as he wished the world to think.”

“The hunting, daily mass-going and philandering that were the main diversions of courtly life.”

“Perceived as an irrelevant backwater.”

“A frightful fool.”

“Genius is no protection from idiocy.”

“Social tensions.”

“Stupidity. A lot of stupidity.”

“Drove out his first wife.”

“Idle dreams.”


“Euphoric revelations.”

“Most brazen of drying moves: the rigorous towel back and forth through the legs. You'll never unsee that.”

“Roaming ecologically.”

“Lawns – wasteful, arid spaces.”

“Blue-tiled hole filled with diluted urine and chlorine.”

“Irritating traits.”

“I bring danger.”

“Exalting something that really only ever lived in the imagination.”

“Loud and impatient interruptions.”

“Understood and obeyed.”

“Reckless commitment.”

“Tendency to get plastered and urinate over the nearest statue,”

“The idea of turning your suburban garden into an eco-farm looks oddly prescient.”

“Pathologically sleazy personal life.”

“Grim domestic tow.”

“A multitude of cocktail waitresses, lingerie models and pron actresses,”

“Development of fear that they engender.”

“Implicit warnings.”

“Epicentre of villainy.”

“Matters escalated.”

“Dressed like a football thug.”

“Some so wide they went through the security scannder sideways.”

“Chilling development.”

“Drastic consequence.”

No way back.”

“Nostalgic laughter.”

“Instills a sense of fear.”

“Social cohesion.”

“Congenitally full-time furious.”

“Cruel and cynical policy of torment.”


“A reckoning for those in the media he perceives as enemies.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“What expectations they were given.”

“Outrage bus.”

“Narrow mindset.”

“Culture differences.”

“Concerned about the potential consequence.”

“Have their own grudges.”

'Charles I: Downfall Of A King' Quotes:

“Reaches a point of no return.”

“Affront to the royal dignity.”

“Plotting treason.”

“Surrounded by enemies on all sides.”

“More horrors to come.”

“Simply won't listen.”

“Counter any disorder.”

“Prod into very, very suspect action.”

“Attacking unpopular queens.”

“Casting doubts on his bloodline.”

“Never see my face more!”

“Thunderingly bad advice.”

“Blundering violent despot.”

“Perform an arcane ritual.”

“Turned them against him as well.”


“Made better decisions.”

“Fallen so low so very quickly.”

“The King's never even put on his own shirt.”

“Rules over an abandoned London.”

“Nothing like democracy as we understand it today.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Looking to do violence.”

“Calm restored.”

“Debris of conflict.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Building a city in which they cannot afford to live.”

“Subscribed to the communist daily L'Humanite, mainly to needle the rich aristocrats who lived on the floor beneath him.”

“Unthinkingly condemned.”

“Constant opposition.”

“Punishment tweetings.”

“Commented on his deathbed, when invited by the priest to renounce satan, that it was not an appropriate time to make any unnecessary enemies.”

“Generational and ideological tangle.”


“Emotional satisfaction.”

“A moral evil that justifies their venom.”

“Inauthentic behaviour.”

“Subject access.”

“Les arts de la table,”

“Dispute their own history.”

“Irreparably damaged.”

“Doomed to endlessly repeat the same behaviour.”

“A place of refinement, intellect and beauty.”

“Hated elite.”


“The long-simmering resentment directed at those who have benefited from education.”

“Ethnic and cultural homogeneity.”

“How could a moment that seemed, in those July days of 1969, so momentous, so transformative, now means so little?”

“Life-supporting conditions.”

“Getting down to the 12th-century levels.”

“Viewed negatively.”

“This kind of consequence.”

“Desirable outcome.”

“Being so difficult and unpleasant.”

“Stimulated ambition.”


“Ecological concern.”

“McCririck's lifestyle, were revealed to a horrified public during his ill-advised appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap,”

'On Trial' Quote:

“Seems like it's not true.”

'The Kids Are All Right' Quotes:

“Still boiling their dog water.”

“Manson crime scene.”

“Respond with hostility.”

“I beat the branch with a rake.”

“Nobody wants a baked potato at nine o'clock at night. This isn't Europe.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quotes:

“Use your strong voice.”

“Tape it on the VCR in his study.”

“Kept trying to eat the fabric softner.

'Magic TV' Quote:

“When 'X Factor' winners were famous for longer than half an hour.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Competing narratives.”

“Epoch defining.”

“Never received any satisfactory reply.”

“Cult members with fixed smiles toot their pan pipes.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Offers no assistence.”

“Bitch of the house.”

“Judged by my family.”

“Last positive interaction.”

“I choose to do that.”

“Common sense alert.”

“Living with dignity.”

“Behave your way out of that.”

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