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STDS9 6x09&6x10+The Purge 1x05&1x06+Charmed 1x22 Reviewed 😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾🐱‍👤🐱‍🏍🐱‍💻🐱‍🐉🐱‍

Statistical Probabilities

Genetically modified people who are kept in a loony bin apparently for being genetically modified visit the station. Bashir has calm assertion. The truly annoying GM Jack SHOUTS and twitches to show personality. Damar is now leader of Cardassia and makes a speech. Bashir learns his friends hate GM folk. The Eugenics Wars casts a long shadow. There is foreshadowing of the Romulans joining the war and of the Cardassians turning against the Dominion. The GM gang do something stupid and are sent back to the loony bin. There is no ACLU or JAG to stop their unlawful detention. This had bad acting and Bashir had an uncompromising dedication to being annoying in this horribly medicore ep.

The Magnificent Ferengi

Iggy Pop guest stars as Quark and Rom lead a mission to rescue their mother from the Dominion. The captive Vorta from 6x02 shows up. Things go awry and there is much comedy. This was good.

Rise Up

How does the purge satisfy a human need? A bimbo shrieks and cheats. There are no philosophical viewpoints. Real and awful consequences follow dumb acts. Nobody is unsullied. This was tonally strange. Nobody stops their damnation. This purge creates national unity? HOW? There is a mention of the triage vans. The NFFA party is attacked. One is emotionally uncommitted to this show.

Best Lines:

“This is hell.”

“Already used that last time.”

All Forgotten

There are no narrative masterstrokes in this total failure of an ep. The cheating slut wife justifies leaving her husband to die to save the crazy ho. She doesn't seem bothered by that, she is bothered by the fact the husband survived.

The cheating slut wife has appalled outrage that her husband is angry at this. Shut up you whore! There is no cultural reckoning. The cheating whore wife needs to die. Kill the cheating whore already! A dude indulges in mindless intimidation. Women are stupid. There is enforced art and a sleaze.

Best Line:

“Please exit the witch tent now.”

The Source Awakens

The sisters bitch as The Source rampages. SJW crap is uttered and there is time travel or something. Watching this makes you want to put your fist through the tv. This was truly appalling and throughly vile.

Best Lines:

“Cosmic reckoning.”

“Time bracelet.”

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