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Book Reviews: Five Seasons of Angel + Death Got No Mercy + Beguilement

 Five Seasons of Angel Edited by Glenn Yeffeth

This is a collection of essays on the overwrought baroque soap ‘Angel’. It’s a very good read for fans although some writers don’t appear to have seen season 5 and there are some spelling mistakes.

The essays cover such topics as the show’s somewhat uninspiring rogue’s gallery, the big bad Jasmine, Angel and Darla, Lorne, Lindesay, the stupid curse and the treatment of Cordelia in season 4 plus lots more. It is plain that some writers loathe Connor, overlook the greatness that was The Beast and huff that Angel isn’t a proper vampire but if you’re a fan you’ll enjoy this.

The Sharing Knife Volume One: Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold

From the author who gave us the masterful ‘Vorkosigan saga’ comes this fantasy set in a post-apocalypse world. In a land devastated by a long ago magical disaster, Fawn Bluefield runs away from her family’s farm for a new life. Only she runs straight into danger.

She meets Dag who is a Lakewalker, a nomadic solider sorcerer who protects the land from malices in an ongoing war. Despite the fact Fawn and Dag come from two vastly different and somewhat hostile cultures, they form a bond. This bond combines magic, adventure and love. This is an excellent novel with wonderful characterization, world building and is a joy to read.

The Afterblight Chronicles: Death Got No Mercy by Al Ewing

This is the 7th book in the 'Afterblight' series, which is set in a ruined world where a mysterious plague has killed most of the population. Earlier novels in the series were 'The Culled' (good), 'Kill or Cure' (ok), 'School's Out' (very good), 'Dawn over Doomsday' (terrible), 'Arrowhead' (very good) and 'Operation Motherland' (drivel.)

This entry sees loner psychopath Cade venture into the ruins of San Francisco to locate medical supplies. Cade thinks it should be a simple task but he's wrong. This is an adventure that'll see Cade fist fight a bear, get to the subject of a re-enactment of 'The Passion of the Christ' carried out by maniacs, brawl with a cannibal cult and incite a deadly feud with killer hippies. In short the blight has left a lot of maniacs out there and Cade is the biggest manic of all.

This is a dark, blackly comic tale. It makes one want to read the 8th novel 'Broken Arrow' all the more.
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