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Movie Reviews: Lucky 7+The Domestics+End Of Watch+Sword Of Sherwood Forest 💥🔱⚜🌪🌥🌤🌦🌠☄🌀

Lucky 7 (2003)

A woman lets her smother control her life even after she is dead. Patrick Dempsey co-stars in this BAD film.

The Domestics (2018)

This film opens with planes spraying black poison for no clear reason. Kate Bosworth, Tyler Hoechlin of 'Teen Wolf' and 'Supergirl' and Lance Reddick of 'Fringe' star. In the post apoc world gangs with militant aggression run around. There are guns and people in sheets and an angry never seen ranting DJ. What is powering the angry DJ's radio station?

The wife (Bosworth) is strongly dismissive of sense. The DJ rants about Nailers. We see some Nailers who have a scary chainsaw that doesn't work and one Nailer is left behind by his brethren because his motorbike doesn't work. The wife and husband (Hoechlin) hang out in a house where a horrible massacre took place!

People commit abominations. There is no public order or soul searching. Just unacceptable escalations of violence and on going unclear conflicts. Is this movie a grim herlad of the future? It's a cold, capricious world full of pretty contemptible people. The couple have a problematic realtionship. Everyone (bar our 'heroes' is suddenly a mad killer, cannibal or sex offender). One wonders if this film is actually a stealth parody.

This was not long-anticipated. The deliberately provocative wife runs toward looming evil. Characters are challenged and tested. A woman wears a corset in the post-apoc. People run around parts of overlooked America. Where did all the freed sex slaves go? There is non-poignant misery and unpalatable acts and disastrous decisions and people desperately try to do, things.

This was not heartfelt and the wife is not amusingly dumb. Things gets unnecessarily complicated. There is perfunctory plotting and looming aggression. Actors are not wildly talented and people lurk menacingly. This film doesn't bother with anything like jeopardy. There is no genuine dread or zany fury or outlandish events. There are repugnant maniacs on the loose. And how did things go so profoundly wrong in America? There is vaporous dread in this undemanding film. Tensions are not ramped up. There are violent confrontations and very clean white curtains in the post-apoc. The wife is contentious and this was rarely subtle.

Best Lines:

“The lucky ones were dead in seconds.”

“A new dark future.”

“Crop dust your countrymen with deadly chemicals.”

“No longer belongs to god.”

“Braving the barren countryside.”

“Just kill each other.”

“Renegade Cherry.”

“Sorry for the theatrics.”

“Good people didn't survive long.”

“Play this delusional game.”

“Very original.”

“Safety doesn't exist anymore.”

“Car barricades.”

End Of Watch (2012)

I only perceived derangement in this film which is full of malevolent manoeurves.

Sword Of Sherwood Forest (1960)

This film is full of lumps in polyesther. Peter Cushing is the baddie in this film which is not a compelling exploration of the legend.

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