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Movie Reviews: Teen Wolf + Wind River + Stalag 17 🏝👩‍👧⛷👁🦕🐉🐾🦄🦄🦄😱😳🤪👰🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️🧛‍♂️🛀✍🏮

Teen Wolf (1985)

Michael J Fox becomes a werewolf. I feel visceral hated for his horrible self. There is no pretence of plausibility. Fox engages in lousy beavhiour in this dreadful narrative. Fox is weirdly oblivious that a female friend loves him in this logic defying sappy mess. He fights his way up the social ladder in this film which has contemptible familiarity.

Best Lines:

“An explanation is probably long overdue.”

“6 dollar haircut.”

“That went well.”

Wind River (2017)

There is mumbling, profound uncertainty and wrenching decisions as Jeremy Renner and his unresponsive woman star in this tale inspired by a true story. Not very pleasant things happen in a snow bound town where women go missing and turn up dead. A body is found setting in motion a calamitous series of events.

This is not without interest. People have unrelenting pain. Tribal police are ignored. Renner is a Fish And Wildlife officer. Who is behind the harrowing murders? An FBI agent shows up to help. Why is she wearing a thong in the snow? The FBI agent is disruptive. The case is deeply disturbing. The FBI agent annoys with reckless abandon. Seriously traumatic events happen that are disconcerting. This was okay if not superbly effective. The disturbing aspects of life are laid bare.

People are dismissal of objective advice. Some people have a dismal life. The killer is very feared. The FBI agent is completely desperate. Things shake the conscience. Renner's character has a dead daughter. This is drama filled. Wyoming looks beautiful but ugly things happen there. Guns are waved.

Men are disobliging. There is irresponsible behaviour and sheer stupidity and feral rage and perfidy and repercussions. There is rancor and profound implications and brutal consequnces. Elizabeth Olsen and Jon Bernthal co star.

Best Lines:

“Hunt something.”

“Billionaries chased out the millionaries.”

“I'm used to no help.”

“Well water.”

“What does that mean?”

“It ain't good.”

“Where's your brother?”

“He's in prison where you put him.”

“Won't your daddy be proud?”

“Anything's better than being here.”

“Look what you choose. Goddam you.”

“Think this is who I wanted to be?”

“On a mountain half the year.”

“No one left to teach me.”

“People that weren't friends.”

Stalag 17 (1953)

William Holden and Peter Graves star in this WWII. This lead to 'Hogan's Heroes'! The POWs worry about a mole. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Geneva man.”

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