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Waco 1x02 + STDS9 6x07&6x08 + Batman 3x17&3x18 Reviewed 😻😼😽🙀🐺🐱🦒🐹🐨🐾🦄🦄🐈🐅🐆🐏🐑🐪🐫

The Strangers Across The Street

Idiots spy on the church. The ATF showboat for the media. David orates. His 'wife' rules his other wife. The ATF wanted good publicity. Is David a demonic manipulator or just a perceived threat? The FBI do in-fighting. The ATF wilfully destroy lives and cause gravely harmful consequences. There is dreadful inevitability and irreversible mistakes. This was not pleasingly diverting. The undercover agent who is spying on David's group is made to dance at a wedding. There is implausible dumbness that actually happeend. This was sadly relentlessly boring. Bad decisions do not equal drama.

Best Lines:

“A bunch of nice people studying the bible.”

“I don't have a problem with you and I don't want one.”

You Are Cordially Invited

Dax and Worf marry. Martok's wife shows up to annoy. Odo is forgiven, offscreen. Where are the Enterprise crew? This was okay. A fire dancer dances. Worf is uncle creepy. Dax has to grovel to Martok's wife to be allowed to marry Worf, offscreen. The Klingons lines are delivered with the full power of their lungs. This was a lot of narrative cliches.

Best Line:



Dax and Kira discuss men, again. There is bad acting. The mirror universe version of Kira's dead man candy shows up. Bareil is missed so Kira shags his MU double. Evil Kira shows up to bore. This was medicore.

The Joke's On Catwoman

Batgirl is in peril. Batman ignores how the line between foster parent and underage ward has been crossed. Why is Robin fighting crime in tiny green shorts? Catwoman stares imperiosuly. Season 3 is famously terrible. Batman and Robin are moral arbiters. Batman has superficial articulacy. Batgirl is a calculated insult to the audeince.

Joker and Catwoman have fractious natures and do thuggish intimidation. This was truly awful. There is no tense atosphere. What is a toll call? A Nixon photo is seen. Batman prosecutes a trial. There is disorder in court and this ain't 'Matlock'!

Best Lines:

“We're very much not defunct!”

“Overtime parking!”

“Evil persons.”

Louie's Lethal Lilac Time

Dick wears hideous orange beachwear. Louie the Lilac returns to kidnap Bruce and Dick. There are clips from past eps for no clear reason. One is aghast at how stupid this is. Bruce wears an ugly shirt.

Best Lines:

“Given forth by whales.”

“My youthful ward Dick Grayson.”

“This lavender mob.”

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