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Sabrina The Teenage Witch Issues 2&3 Reviewed 😒😒😒😒😒💥💘💝💟💌💫🕳🖤💔💞💓🥞🥩🥧🍖🥓

Issue 2

I missed Issue 1. A cthulhu like monster attacks. Harvery lurks. This was okay. There is a mystery, dangerously restless beasts and wistful joy. Unlike the show, there is a tone of niceness

Best Lines:

“Hallcination by gasleak.”

“Pummel you into a human puddle.”

“You think they were sending me to the crusades, not high school.”

Issue 3

Sabrina likes a bad boy. The school mean girl lives in a trailer park. Salem judges. Sabrina's aunts look very young and they have secrets. While not an intellectual challenge, this was okay. Who is behind the fiendish ruse in town?

Best Lines:

“I'm not your emotional support animal,”

“From horror to mean girls to hot teenage fantasy.”

“Just when you think it's okay to hate p.e with the heat of a thousand suns, it turns out it's useful when you have to run from monsters.”

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