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Kings Episode 13 Review

The New King, Part 2

Silas strikes back and lets his people know he lives. Jack and Cross try to go ahead with Jack's coronation anyway. Michelle is stupid, Rose is triumphant, David is smug, Jack looks like a TB patient, Samuels stirs the pot and gets shot. Jack turns everyone against him so when his coronation falls apart in spectacular fashion, no-one weeps for him. Michelle doesn't care about her health care plans anymore all she cares about is David. Silas walks off his gun shot wounds and takes back what is his.

Cross runs for it, Andrew turns his back on Cross and signs on with Silas, David fist fights Silas. Michelle doesn't tell David she's pregnant. David runs off to Gath to escape Silas' wrath. Jack is punished for his sins. He's walled up in his bedroom with his fiancée for life under orders to produce an heir. Jack begs for mercy only to be told: "Just close your eyes and dream of someone whose dead." Now that's cold. Jack probably really regrets his treatment of the late, unlamented Joseph now. Silas and Rose plot for the future.

This was okay. A nice wrap up of this show. David was annoying, Rose was made of iron, Silas yelled at the sky, Michelle was dim and Jack got his. This was an interesting show. Shame TPTB didn't agree.

Best Lines:
"King Silas offered his hand in peace and Gath bit it. Killing innocent civilians, murdering our King."

"Like an earthquake, I will come."

"I ask once more with words and then with blood."
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