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STDS9 6x04&6x05 + Batman 3x13&3x15 + Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019) 1x01 Reviewed 💕💖❤

Behind The Lines

A Dominion sensor array needs to go. Damar (Casey Biggs) is angry. Weyoun wants Dukat to smile. Ross monotones. Odo's awful. Kira sets up a Resistence cell in the suffocating existence of DS9. Kira has poufy hair and is hellbent on hostile acts. Dukat has a permanent rictus scowl of anger. The UFP faces trauma and adversity. Odo has vapid self-obsession and petty grievances.

The entitled, petulant and smug female shapeshifter shows up. Odo is greviously immoral. Dukat wants his faded glory back. Odo's inexplicable behaviour goes on. Sisko is implacably opposed to the Dominion. Sketchy weirdoes lurk. Rom is arrested due to Odo. There is wildly inappropriate creepiness by Odo. The array attack is not shown. This was not good at all.

Best Lines:

“You started a fight in my bar and now you're getting a promotion?”

“Stood in judgement of you.”

Favor the Bold

The Dominion war wages. Dax whines. Sisko plans Operation Return: the retaking of DS9. Odo does the deed with the female shapeshifter. Odo is an idiot. Weyoun reveals how the Vorta were bred to be servants of the Dominion. Rom is to be executed. Damar plans to take down the minefield. Kira beats up Damar. Nog gets promoted. Another MASSIVE fleet is seen. There's a ship called the Sarek in the giant fleet. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Hail the conquering Dominion.”

“Even the Klingons are starting to wonder if we can defeat the Dominion.”

“We are way way past sorry.”

The Bloody Tower

Batman has lost the cold vicious rage he had in seasons 1&2 at criminals. Robin drives the Batmobile with Alfred hanging off the back. This show never delved into the Bat mythology. At this point the show was being wearily dismissed. Eps like this only eroded support more. No crimefighter has learned to be extremely wary. Robin falls into another incredibly obvious deathtrap. This was not incredibly special.

This was miserable. Batman admitted in 'Return Of The Caped Crusader' that be became Batman due to an excessive need for admiration. Aunt Harriet shows up: PISS OFF! Why is Robin such a seeming idiot sometimes? You can see TPTB's palpable distain for their own show. Robin's womanhandled. Why couldn't they have had more well known adversaries from the comics on this show?

Best Lines:

“Blooming Boy Wonder!”

“Death Bee Beehive Trip Wire.”

“Let him perish there.”

“Young Master Dick.”

“Holy homework!”

“I was down to my last African Death Bee antidote pill.”

“That's enough talking Batgirl.”

The Ogg Couple

This was not even a dubious pleasure. Egghead and Olga are back. This was a dispiriting experience. Olga and Egghead seem like the sort of people you might normally see eating out of dustbins and shouting. This was not bracingly different. There is no fixed point of sanity in this show which is not tension filled. Batgirl does a dance routine. Batman has stains on his Batsuit. Stop the pain.

Best Lines:

“Kitty car.”

“Trouble in a green fright wig.”

“The concept of decency is alien to the criminal mind.”

“I'd sooner trust a snake with fangs at both ends!”

The Acting President

This is a South Korean take on the original US show. The opening credits are okay. This was subtitled. There is a disaster and people whip out phones to film it. Men in grey suits talk. There is endless padding and flashbacks. This was all ineffectiveness. We get the Kiefer Sutherland character who becomes acting President. We also meet the Maggie Q character who investigates. There is a moral rout and the chaotic aftermath bores.

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