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OuterLimits (1995 - 2002) 3x14+Defenders1x08 +Black Spot2x02&2x03+Gilmore Girls AYearInTheLife 1x02

Music Of The Spheres
A student, Devon, gets a message from outer space. There is dated tech and the message causes a strange change in those who listen to it. Some of them anyway. Joshua Jackson of ‘Fringe’ and Howard Hesseman and Kirsten Dunst star. There are 90s haircuts and nobody notices the sun turning into a blue dwarf. There is solar activity and Dunst baby talks and can’t act. The twist ending of this ep is that it is a happy ending.

Plants and animals change too apparently. This was low budget. The signal is alien, the government need Devon to figure that out and that the sun is about to change and that the signal is intended for a wide spectrum of life forms. Those over 24 are immune to the signal.

The signal turns out to be from a race whose sun shifted toward the ultraviolet. They noticed that Earth’s sun is about to do the same and sent the signal to ensure humanity’s survival. The ACLU would be all over this. America saves the world. To save on make up costs, we only see 3 characters change. A lot of other people choose not to make the change. There go the cosmetic and hair industries, mostly.

Devon and Dunst’s dad will have to stay indoors during the day for the rest of his life. As will all unchanged others. Apparently closing the blind saves him from the blue dwarf sun. The changed still have normal eyes. Devon, his sister and her boyfriend watch the sun go to a blue dwarf with hope. The sky goes pink. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Atmospheric bounce.”

“I live here Vic, I don’t knock.”

“An act of mercy.”

“Witness the dawn of a new era.”

“By friends far far away.”

“I’ll never forget the 60s. That was music.”

“Year One of the Second Age Of Man.”

“Direct exposure to the new sun will kill.”

The Defenders
Matt looks ridic in his costume. Luke’s stupid. There is no moral leadership or vibrant atmosphere. The gang have to orchestrate the downfall of deranged individuals. Theological rifts among the gang cause issues. And to think Jessica would end up sending Trish to The Raft.

The Hand only wanted Dragon bones - it’s their immortality drug. Moving the bones will cause NY to collapse because of reasons. The Hand are a detriment to his show. Karen bores and has discontent. The Hand’s malign behaviour must be stopped as they are ethically unsalutary. Nothing feels real or lived. So the Avengers never noticed The Hand’s presence, access or influence?

Nobody is of high moral character. The show had so far unrealised promise. Misty whines. Danny is in splendid isolation. There is not much there there. The Hand is not some ancient and eternal civilization, just a bunch of idiots. Jessica is scathing, unlovely and has unbearable meanness.

This was better than the preceding dreariness. The sheer grimness of some previous eps made the show moribund. This was okay even if it had no irresistible momentum. There is no serious planning or consistent decision making. Matt says something to Danny. Matt tries to save Elektra. There are no interesting serious sensible actions just mumbling.

Matt is believed dead. Why weren’t the gang arrested? Jessica thinks being seen to care about anything is a sign of weakness. Jessica needs to acknowledge her agency, her choices and her very active role in this dynamic. No one is doing this to her. She’s doing it to herself. And to other people. This doesn’t fulfil.

Jessica makes choices that perpetuate her own happiness and her own negative beliefs about herself. Danny’s truly committed to NY. Jessica needs to hold herself accountable for her actions and needs to treat those around her with respect and honesty. Matt’s not dead. How was he saved?

Best Lines:
“The last known deposit on Earth.”

“Evacuate everything!”

“They rise, they fall.”

“Promise me, you won’t fail him again.”

“Fight ninjas, save New York.”

“It ends in either jail or a cemetery.”

“They showed way too much mercy when they banished The Hand.”

“Down here in your secret cave thing.”

“One big kung fu party.”

“I don’t want to fight you. Alone.”

“Life without end.”

“Drop it or I’m dropping you.”

“We have to end them.”

“If I truly mean nothing to you.”

“I don’t hate it.”

How We Live Now: Part 2
The prosecutor is greeted with derision. People talk about a two thousand year old treasure. This was not truly delightful. A hot tub is full of blood. The mayor’s wife is pregnant. This is a town of bleak prospects.

The town is cruel and merciless and full of ghastly manifestations of dark forces. The law of diminishing returns has kicked into this show fast. This was ineptitude. The prosecutor annoys and has wilful ignorance and contempt. This was farcical. The female cop is miserable. There are unpleasant realities.

There is no moral stature just a poor sheep. There are adverse responses. People talk about sacrifice rituals. Why does the prosecutor have a vendetta against the Steiners? A man babbles about Romans and treasure. Rash decisions are made and there is no compromise or restraint. There is a car ‘accident’. How is the female cop still allowed to work? How is a crisis filled town so dull?

People feel betrayal and disenfranchisement. People are owed much more than they ever received. The prosecutor peeps. There is no inviolability just excessive zeal.

Best Lines:
“The land is dying.”

“Your librarian impales himself.”

“Makes the trees bleed.”

In Another Life
The prosecutor hurls verbal abuse and engaged in highly provocative moves. There are bees and no integrity building. People are disengaged and unfairly treated. There is a furious reaction and irreversible consequences. The town takes on bees. The mayor’s still in his crashed car unfound. Cora’s not liked.

Who’s in charge of the eco warriors? Ever madder conclusions are drawn. This bilge is full of unreason. The town is a graveyard for dreams. There is weightless logic and serious hypocrisy. Fate is altered by decisions. People run free untethered by cardinal authorities. Bees attack. This was not seminal TV. A body is made into a beehive. There is a murder and deluded zealots and cynical charlatans and unprecedented derangement.

A man rants about a Celtic god. People have complacency about killer bees. A nasty couple die. There is no intellectual engagement or moral exemplars.

Best Lines:
“Risk prevention.”

“A wild swarm.”

“Did the bees kill him?”

“You’re no longer welcome here.”

“They send us one now and again.”

“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.”

“God’s revenge.”

This 2016 follow up set 10 years after the show ended. They’re so old. This was generally not well liked and nobody is seen in a positive light. Jess isn’t in this ep, I always utterly loathed him. Rory’s done nothing in the 10 years since she left Yale. How does the inn keep making money? There is no Sookie. Logan and Rory have an affair. There is no Dean. Emily still has not got an apology from her bitch daughter who was a teen tramp, drunk, liar and all round crap person. Luke hasn’t put a ring on it. Rory visits her old school. Tristan is seen, sorta. Paris rants and is being divorced. This has minimal payout.

Best Lines:
“Pig genocide!”

“How do you accidentally join a cult?”

“Word honey.”

“Man sack.”

“Won the coveted Good Try Award!”
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