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Book Review: The Reaping

The Reaping by Bernard Taylor
This unreadable 1980 ‘horror’ is from the author of the equally terrible ‘The Moorstone Sickness’. This reprinted horror causes steady indifference. It is sleazy and sexist as an idiot painter engages in irresponsible activity which Taylor is completely serious about. This book has an evil lift - AN EVIL LIFT! OH COME ON!

This isn’t gloriously excessive and deserves no shroud of nostalgia. Taylor expects one to be seriously and genuinely terrified by this miscalculation. This leaves one unimpressed. The painter is an idiot who earns resentment and has no worthy motivation - he does a lot of OTT vivid emoting.

I couldn’t stand the painter’s behaviour and his unearned epiphany. The cover and its phallic tower is ridiculous. Life is heartless and brutal and the cosmos is indifferent. This was not fresh or unpredictable.
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