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‘Charlie’s Angels’ trailer
How many times has this been rebooted? Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart and Patrick Stewart. No.

I’d try ajo blanco and pearl onions with cheddar sauce.

My ex has treated me with disrespect, dishonesty and a lack of commitment. He is lie filled. He was not honest or authentic. He pursued his own happiness at the expense of my happiness. He didn’t fully love me. His love was dishonest and incomplete.

Who saw ‘When Brendan Met Trudy’?

‘Summer Of Night’ Quotes:
“Like Jesuit commando raids.”

“Dale didn’t make jokes about C.J. where they might be overheard or repeated.”

“Two human Dobermans in engineer boots.”

‘Virgin Media News’ Quote:
“Caused improperly stored chicken manure to combust.”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Quotes:
“I’m sorry I threw a trashcan at you.”

“Throwing up raw turkey.”

“Explains movies to the elderly.”

“Collect expired deli meats.”

“Burial smock.”

“Having an emotional affair with his sister.”

“Looking like a sack full of other sacks.”

“First mistook me for a prostitute.”

“Cocaine bender.”

“White nonsense.”

“How do you know my fake middle name?”

“Smoked the devil’s weed!”

“Did you say beef or beak?”

“Someday I’ll see a boat in person.”

“Killed 4 Eli Mannings.”

“Having children with a woman.”

“No! That’s for good boys!”

“Shame eating.”

“Make plops.”

“Child beauty pageant strength.”

“Trying to knock a crow out of the air with a rake.”

“A lie intended to harm America.”

“Filth water.”

“Eating cheese for desert on purpose.”

“Our neighbour got HBO and we can hear it through the wall.”

“Eating hair sandwiches.”

“Horse pancreas.”

“A ball of holes.”

“Unless my Tinder date is a better murderer than the one last night.”

“Someone else be interesting.”

“Gave up halfway through a revolving door.”

“She goes get most of her plastic surgery by blackmailing doctors on sugar daddy websites.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Brought terror to our doorstep.”

“The children running the house.”

“Living in terror.”

“Bring chaos and terror to the home.”

“Going nowhere in my life.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Too small to sustain most of those born into them.”

“Creative committee.”

“Like Victorian wives, Victorian ghosts were doomed never to leave the house.”

“Menaced by a tramp.”

“Remaining controversial for more than eight decades.”

“Queued up to be appalled.”

“Ensuring interconnectivity.”

“A decade or so ago, designated horror sections were disappearing from mainstream bookshops, and beyond the ubiquitous Stephen King you had to look quite hard to find new scary books.”

“Restoring the whole street back to how it would have been before the last inhabitants left in the 1970s,”

“Local attachment residents feel and the local networks that they create.”

“No longer exists as a distinctive social and the cultural space.”

“Praised rural poverty as spirally superior.”

“Extreme localism.”

“They fled the rigid hierarchy of rural Ireland with its imprisoning vocabulary.”

“Following them into oblivion, silently vanishing.”

“The girls refused to linger any longer, flying from the fate they saw staring at them in the wizened faces of their own mothers and unmarried aunts.”

“If you don’t count estranged member Byran McFadden, and, frankly, who does?”

“A relationship with high social stakes,”

“Social consequences.”

“Failed to make her notice him.”

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

“One of the 1960s’ many regrettable bequests.”

“Childhood of video rentals.”

“Accrued qualifications from a body that operated out of a caravan decorated with pentagrams.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“World leading.”

“Reclaim the internet.”

‘The Kids Are All Right’ Quotes:
“Turned out uninteresting.”

“I seriously hate you.”

“You can still smell where the dog died.”

‘Gilmore Girls’ Quotes:
“Bad results.”

“Call me when he’s gone!”

“The look is a choice?”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“A suppository! Fill her up!”

“This is going right up on the refrigerator in the front yard!”

“Moon potion.”

“Fairy traps.”

“Escalator dump out zone.”

“I got demoted from stripper to topless valet.”


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