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Right this moment

Saw Cheryl Cole’s ‘Fight For This Love’ video. Ohhh weak.

The Peter/Walter situation on ‘Fringe’ is like the Connor/Holtz situation on ‘Angel’ wherein Holtz stole Angel’s son Connor and departed into another dimension where Angel could not reach him. There for 16 years Connor regarded Holtz as his father. Until after travelling back home and some magic he learned to see Angel as his father again. Walter is the Holtz of ‘Fringe’ except for stealing Peter from himself and not an enemy. For 24 years Peter has regarded this Walter as his father. And remains as yet unaware he remembers two sets of parents and two dimensions. What is his true father like and what will their reunion be?

Finally after months of dross, a decent 'Star Trek' book! I'm 3/4 done. I hope the upcoming 'Unworthy' is as good.
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