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Movie Reviews: Keeping Up With The Joneses+Hard To Forget+Hush+Sinister Minister+Cape Fear 😒

Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016)

New neighbours are spies and Isla Fisher sneaks. This was extremely vexatious. Don Draper and Wonder Woman rip off 'Mr & Mrs Smith'. Nobody acquits themselves with honour.

Best Lines:

“Who wears that to a BBQ?”

“So overly accomplished.”

Hard To Forget (1998)

This was dated looking and bad and full of irrational logic.

Hush (2009)

This is a UK horror about a couple v a murderous trucker. This was spurious.

Sinister Minister (2017)


Best Line:

“Cruel heartless child!”

Cape Fear (1991)

A remake that sees Robert De Niro torment Nick Nolte. You can't take this seriously after 'The Simpsons' parodied it.

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