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Movie Reviews: Patriot's Day + Brightburn + Amityville II - The Possession

Patriot's Day (2016)

This flop Peter Berg movie was about the 2013 Boston bombing. There is swearing, Boston accents, the cultural impact of the bombing, moral prejudice, an unnecessary character screaming and swearing and vengeful punishment is meted out to the baddies.

There is violence, gunfire, a guilty wife who gets away with it and the bombers engaged in hostile conduct. This had no compelling intensity but it does tell is that Boston is a resolute presence. This was sap and John Goodman, Rachel Brosnahan, Melissa Benoist of 'Supergirl', J.K Simmons of 'Counterpart', Kevin Bacon and Khandi Alexander featured in this.

Best Lines:

“Why are you bleeding?”

“The elites.”

“No takeback.”

“2 bathrooms in this place and one's broken.”

“Put some clothes on him!”

“Shot and run over.”

“Close to martial law.”

“Crying does not describe that kind of sound.”

“Radio discipline.”

“That boat ain't gonna float.”

Brightburn (2019)

A childless farm couple (who never do any farming) adopted a baby they found at the site of a 'meteor' crash. When the baby boy turns 12, he develops superpowers and starts murdering people and stalking a classmate who is a Lana Lang expy and talking about how superior he is. So he's Superman, but evil. This was merely medicore with a sequel hook set up by Michael Rooker.

Elizabeth Banks screams and this isn't as scary as it could have been. It features a harm doing child above human moral codes and laws. The movie takes the adage that a story should only reveal a fraction of its meaning, the rest should be submerged, implict, but its weight felt – literally.

This alien child obviously fails to protect and he can be construed as antagonistic and is a source of contention and dark connotations. Cue the panic of the community. This is a fearsome ideal. The brat destroys any semblance of rapport and displays societal aggression and values and codes of behaviour that are harbingers of evil. He has lively malice and dumb ass parents. As well as an evil Superman, the sequel hook hints at an evil Aquaman and evil Wonder Woman!

Best Lines:

“Inbred psychopath.”

“Take the world.”

Amityville II - The Possession (1982)

A prequel inspired by the infamous real life 1974 DeFeo murders that happened in the house. Diane Franklin of 'Deadly Lessons' co stars in this tale that has creepy music and a fog machine working on overdrive. Sadly this tale and the the fake Lutz haunting had nothing to do with the supernatural, but more to do with abuse. There is a mysterious room and bees and the house has ill intentions. For a short fat bloke the father is a crazy abusive nutter who terrorises his kin and likes to hit them with his belt.

The eldest son meances his father with a gun. Franklin screams and or flirts with said brother. We all know the brother will mass murder his family at some point. This was grim and dreadful. Burt Young goes all out as the vile father. The mother is always hysterical. This was sleazy. A priest is useless. The brother is obviously meant to be Ronald DeFeo Jr who is still in jail for killing his family. Franklin is meant to be Dawn DeFeo who has been defamed over the years by her murderous brother. The brother goes crazy with his gun one dark and stormy night. The aftermath of the murders drags. This was medicore.

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