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Cloak & Dagger(2018-?) 1x01+Gotham5x07+DS9 5x23+Defenders(2017) 1x01&1x02+Wild Bill 1x02+ 1 more

First Light

This Marvel show underwhelms. An oil rig done fall down. Andrea Roth and Gloria Ruben feature in this extremely tedious show. This has no emotional resonance. 2 kids maybe got powers as kids but didn't realise until years later. Blondie is a thief and a junkie. Her family lost everything after the oil rig. There are fraught issues. I feel an aversion to this. Generalisations and assumptions reign supreme. This was not fascinating.

There is emotional trauma and the duo don't use their powers assiduously. They're whiny teenagers. There is no fiat justitia ruat caelum. There is also no integrity, honesty, respect or commitment. This was dreary and lamentable. This was a series of miscalculations. She still does ballet? WTF is going on? Oh, I do not care.

Best Lines:

“Not in the ever.”

“Rich kid stuff.”

“Crazy white girl.”

Acme Chemicals

Gordon has thrilling righteousness. Bruce whines. Joker torments Bruce. Lee is snotty about Babs being pregnant, that's rich coming from a woman who shagged Riddler! Bruce has no haunted vulnerability. Joker blows up Wayne Manor. Tetch annoys. TPTB really force the Joker/Bruce thing. No, just no. Joker falls into a vat of chemcials and somehow is not dead. Why isn't he DEAD? Lee plays the victim – oh shut up bitch. Joker is comatose. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“You mean nothing to me.”

“Really silly hat.”

“Toxic waste warzone!”

Blaze Of Glory

Sisko needs Eddington to stop an old Maquis weapon. The Dominion have wiped out the Maquis. There's a Cal Hudson mention. Nog wants respect. There is bad acting and this bored. There is a twist.

Best Line:

“Attacking 2 Jem'Hadar soliders with a pipe? That's a brilliant plan!”

The H Word

I saw some of 'Jessica Jones' and 'Daredevil' and 'The Punisher' but never saw 'Iron Fist' or 'Luke Cage'. There is mumbling and Sigourney Weaver as the big bad. The opening credits are mmm. Jessica drinks. A pre-bad Trish harangnes Jessica. Luke was in jail?

There is phoney concern, Foggy Nelson being annoying and a collapse of decency. Luke gets out of jail. Matt grandstands. There are grievance politics. This was not brilliantly incisive. People babble about The Hand. A dying woman plots. This was regrettable and disappointhing. Why is Jessica's office trashed? Who is Malcolm? Jessica is awful. People have sex.

Misty lurks. Karen's a reporter now? Matt's given up on being a vigilante? Jessica is all belligerence and aggression. Matt's very Catholic. This was useless and idiotic. There are manifestations of tensions and offensive behaviour. People are given no respect. Something is festering. This causes dissatisfaction and disengagement. An earthquake strikes and Daredevil gurns.

Best Lines:

“This is my car.”

“Not anymore.”

“Not be quiet.”

“We spoke on the phone. A lot.”

“You were screaming. Again.”

“I think we have different understandings of the word fine.”

“The hero of Harlem.”

“It's just a city. You'll get used to watching them fall.”

Mean Right Hook

There is conspiracy talk about the earthquake. Trish does her talk radio show. Danny Rand bores. Jessica has primal anger and responds ever more combatively and acts detrimentally to her character. TPTB have blatant disregard for quality. Jessica does poor treatment of others and reponds aggressively to everything. Various people with emotional detachment and a sense of grievance lurk. Jessica bears grudges and resents being beholden to others. Matt breaks out his Daredevil suit. When did he get the fancy mask and ditch the scarf? This was chaotically wrong. Jessica investigates and Jeri lurks. Foggy judges. Lord, this bored.

Best Lines:

“We have allies.”

“Find a team to join?”

“Your knuckles speak volumes.”

“Pays well. Ends bad.”

Wild Bill (2019) 1x02

Rob Lowe stars as a US cop moved to the UK in this ITV drama. I missed 1x01. A homeless man plays piano. Rob Lowe is awful. This was awful and incoherent.

Best Lines:

“Rugby. That's just the NFL for fat guys.”

“Mad psycho bastard.”

“Murder vehicle.”

Butterfly 1x02

Everyone hates Stephen and Anna Friel whines. Max attention seeks again. This was terrifyingly bad. Anna Friel is called out on giving in to Max's demands. Anna Friel nags and whines and screams and ruins a friendship and her soap business. The sister is ignored. These people are awful attention seekers. How did Anna Friel get a visa to go to the USA and pay for it? She and Max run off to the USA ditching Stephen and the daughter. WTF?!?

Best Lines:

“Whatever he wants he gets.”

“Nothing's ever his fault!”

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