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Charmed 1x19+Years And Years 1x06+Black Spot 1x07&1x08+The Handmaid's Tale 3x04 Reviewed 😎

Source Material

Incorrent and damaging perceptions have serious consequences in this dumb ep. Harry's in peril and useless. Some annoying bint does malevolent babbling. Harry does negative judging. This was very bad. One is increasingly vexed at how stupid this is. One's frustration level is very high. This does not rivet one's attention. The Source is a long fated prophetic concept the original show took 4 seasons to do.

People do terrible things. There are no jolting suprises and this was not truly notable. The new whitelighter is particulary burdensome. The sisters treat it all as a jolly jape. Hunter's back somehow. Parker is treated like a piece of meat. People have compulsive mendacity. This ep is not credible at a psychological level. Niko has a sinster undertow and she hands on misery on.

Niko is abusive and controlling and escalates the antagonism and misperceives and hands misery on. This is intellectually clumsy. Parker has to be human to be good enough to love. People have wilful ignorance. Things go awry with Parker. The sisters realise witches and demons are the same. Niko is pernicious. The slutty dumb sister is slutty and dumb. There is little meaningful justification for this show's existence.

Nothing is dark or uneasy. What has happened to Parker? Parker's mom is murdered by Hunter. Who or what is Hunter's mother? Parker's manipulated. There is bad acting. WTF is the origin dagger? Parker is ill-used. There are no emotional depths. This almighty ruckus is painfully obvious and terrible. This was all purposelessness. The new whitelighter dies. So?!?

Best Lines:

“I serve no one!”

“OG whitelighter.”

Years And Years 1x06

It ends. It is 2029 and the BBC closes. Monkey flu rages. Why are the family so obsessed with Viktor? The grandmother tries to sell her house. Intolerable craziness goes on in the UK. To hell with Viktor! Who cares about him? This was not horribly plausible. This doesn't compell your interest. Rosie shrieks.

Food is made out of bacteria and chestnuts. Eeew. Edith whines. Elaine and baldy are still together. This was not heart-rending. Foodbanks have closed due to a lack of donations. Moral quandaries are discussed. Granny utters an author tract about apathy on the rise and no one caring. Granny likes Celeste now. Social challenges grow. Rational thought is broken down. Rook's ruthless leadership style goes on.

The mood grows ever more meancing. Nobody cultivates kindness. Viktor still has artfully toulsed hair. Viktor annoys. The doomsday scenario bores. One feels indifference for Viktor. Phones now have 10 year batteries. This was not psychologically acute. Daniel's family are not Viktor's family! Viktor is a marriage wrecking gold-digging POS.

Daniel's desperate longing for Viktor got him killed. Elaine nags baldy out of her life. Where are the fathers of Rosie's sons? Granny furiously shakes her fist at a cloud. Dastardly things happen. Baldy buys a gun. Accountacy is no longer a job. Celeste fakes wanting baldy back. One family plan to change the world. Edith is eternally combative. Where is Daniel's ex? There are quantum networks. Rosie's thug son barely features. The other son doesn't speak.

Baldy's boss is a scumbag. Edith thinks she is an irreproachable ethical authority. Socail pressure happens. People act out their roles for public consumption. This was better than 'Hard Sun' and 'Requiem'. Edith and her gang save Viktor from the camp. Rosie does a great escape from her scum estate in her chip van.

Where did they get an RPG to take out the mobile phone blocking tower? Edith does her white saviour act. If the problem is apathy, why would anyone care about the camps? Why do people care? Edith's white saviour act goes viral. The transhuman daughter smirks. Baldy shoots his boss. It is 2030 and Rook is arrested in office and the BBC reopens and Notre Dame is reopened and Rosie marries and the Leaning Tower Of Pisa falls down. In 2031 – Rosie has another baby and in 2034 – Edith is coded onto molecules of water as her radiation poisoning is finally killing her.

Rook got 27 years in jail, allegedly. She's not in jail, someone pretending to be her is. So where is Rook? Who backed her? We don't know. We do know that her sucessor has shown up. This was sap. Baldy got 3 years in jail and now lives in Spain. Who was behind Rook? Who paid for everything? Edith plans to find Rook. Granny didn't sell her house. Things get all 'Cold Lazarus'. Why wasn't Viktor deported? Will this ep END?!?

Best Lines:

“You are the enemy of the people.”

“Zoned out of existence.”

“I bet that reference is lost on you lot.”

“Bastard to work for.”

“You wouldn't dare?!?”

“You're gonna look pathetic!”

“Do you think anyone cares?”

“Nothing special about our family.”

“Did you ever forgive him?”

“Brand new form of life.”

“Laugh us into hell.”

“Wait for the next one.”

“You're not that important.”

The Secret Behind The Window

The doctor is fine. The prosecutor has a fatalistic belief in himself. He doles out unjust treatment and empty words. There is no cultural expression. People are idle watchers of weirdness. This leaves you with incredulity. Is the prosecutor genuinely serious? This does not incentivise you to care. This was simply dreadful. An injured man's idiot son babbles. Than the man dies.

There is no gentle dignity or righteous fury. There are no men of honour or respect. This was embarassingly dire and trite. The mayor's wife is a tawdry petty idiot. This leaves you glum and bored. People fail to grow up to be good citizens. A truck driver is bothered. There is bad acting. There is strong resentment. Iniquitous people have bellicosity and indiscretion. The dead man was a blackmailer.

This was an intellectual failure. The prosecutor is not a redemptive force. This was muddled. The mayor was a yob as a teen. This was woeful and below par. The terrible aspects of life in town are on display. Cora gets some. This was an appalling failure and expressions of satisfaction and avoidance of personal culpability happen. Marion's body is found.

Best Lines:

“Charming area in your lovely town.”

“Start by looking for belladonna.”

“You over there!”

“This sort of behaviour will not help you.”

“Weird guy living in the woods.”

The End Is Only The Beginning

There are bones in the bog and weirdness . Marion's long dead. The mayor gets punched by his dad and waves a gun. Mercy only goes so far. Consequences are unavoidable. Cora tattle tales. The mayor acts out. People are totally in conflict with any enlightened view of human economic, political or social development. There is mass misery.

There is a fraught conversation or two. There is a devastating indictment of the mayor. He has neither the credentials or character for the position. The prosecutor laughs. There is no magnetic pull or ethical concerns. People are not benevolently disposed. There is fatal uncertainty. There is social rage and undesired consequences.

Planned randomness takes place. There is no legal reckoning. The Steiners are bad mouthed. There are long standing annoyances. The head female cop loses her co-workers nauesating sycophancy. The blonde cop goes nutzoid. One is unimpressed. There is no deathly otherness. People live unholy lives – there is no slippery meance. The town is to become a toxic waste dump. A dead woman is raised from the dead.

Best Lines:

“What's this lunatic want?”

“That's not good.”

“You'll forbid me nothing!”

“Shooting the mayor.”

“See some better days.”

“How long have you been plotting this?”

God Bless The Child

June is a toxic presence. June's walking partner has had 3 babies for Gilead. Janine's stupid as her daughter of Gilead is baptised. The novel never addressed what became of all the children the Handmaids had after the fall of Gilead. Emily is reunited with her family. Aunt Lydia is sad. A project style brawl erupts after the christening of Janine's daughter. Lydia knows she is hated. Why aren't the Handmaids being watched? Fred wants June to help him reunite with his wife. Fred ignores the culture upending war he helped kick off. Hannah is at a school for the domestic arts. Luke did something stupid AGAIN. This bored.

Best Line:

“Did she burn you breeder?”

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