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Book Review: One Velvet Glove 😃😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

One Velvet Glove: A Tale Of The King's Blades by Dave Duncan

This vanity published addition to the 'King's Blade' saga sees a group of Blades learn about a mssion gone wrong from 20 years ago. It involved a rich idiot, lost treasure, death and a witch who glamours herself to look like a teenage girl which one character finds alluring. The author does not seem aware of how icky that is. Blades fearlessly engage in any conflict. One character never wonders if the love he is shown is duplicitous. A king blames everyone else. There is perplexity and undeniably rousing adventure. This is a belated triumph.

Best Lines:

“Pretending to believe her would be much safer than refusing. Provoked, she might do terrible things,”

“Glittering with sartorial glory and no doubt gossiping venomously.”

“His career and reputation were ruined.”

“The name he later made infamous.”

“Frequent winner of orgy contests.”

“We need to move out like acute diarrhoea.”

“You can never rise as a courtier if you can't read the royal hints.”

“Random idiocy is the overweening curse of human affairs,”

“Very skilled at indicating his desires in such ways that the blame, if any, would fall on somebody else.”

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