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Jessica Jones 3x12&3x13 + Butterfly (2018) 1x01 + Black Spot 1x05&1x06 Reviewed

A.K.A A Lotta Worms
This is superhero TV, quite a change from the 1966 ‘Batman’. I haven’t seen season 2 or any earlier eps of season 3. New characters run around being annoying. Jeri is selfish and has learnt nothing. Trish has become a vigilante and makes mischief. Trish’s mother was killed by a serial killer. Jessica protects the serial killer for some reason and people are comically polemical to the weirdly per formative Trish. Jessica has hostile behaviour. There are travails.

Trish is the bad guy now? This was compellingly weird. Jessica is not terribly pleasant. There is cultivated doom and people gazing pensively. Where are Doctor Strange and Thanos and Ant Man during all this? This was pleasantly silly. Trish takes horrible joy in being a vigilante and having unhinged lunacy. Her miserable situation leads to dramas.

The serial killer is an annoying talky omnipotent serial killer, which sent out with ‘Profiler’. There is a negative turning point for Trish. So what if she kills the serial killer? He’s a serial killer FFS! Why is Jeri representing a serial killer? Trish does verbal and violent intimidation of the serial killer. There is slo-mo. Trish should have killed Jeri too for being scum.

A.K.A Everything
Who’s the cop in the silly hat? He looks like an ‘Oz’ reject. Luke Cage shows up. The Raft is still around after Tony Stark’s vile ‘Civil War’ fascist temper tantrum. Why isn’t Jessica dead of alcoholic liver disease? Jessica takes on Trish. Jessica wants Trish to turn herself in. She won’t. FFS.

Jeri has ALS. When did Jeri’s laptop turn off during her shaky hands drama? This was not upsetting or disquieting. An awful man whines. Trish and Jessica fight. There is confusion and double standards. Jeri’s thick. There is muddled thinking and escalatory non-logic. Jessica denies responsibility and makes assertions and false claims.

Jessica and Jeri are the ones with plenty to answer for. Trish is declared bad for no apparent reason. Trish is a considerable threat apparently. Why? There is a calculated, if seemingly causal, conflation of truth and opinion. Jessica reveals Trish’s identity as the vigilante. Jessica does no serious self-scrutiny. Nothing meaningful happens. Why is Trish a perceived imminent threat?

Jessica is not highly moral - this is persistent targeted bullying of Trish. As for Trish she is charged with lots of crimes. Oddly other vigilantes are not. Jessica has a callous nature and plans to leave town or not. There are disputes and anxieties. Trish is sent to The Raft. Will she ever get out? She’s in an untenable position. Where are her civil liberties? This was a bit lacklustre. WTF did you do Jessica? This was chaotic. One is impatient with the whole process. Miserable looking Jessica doesn’t turn herself in for the murders she committed!

Best Lines:
“I’d be hurting someone I care about. Again.”

“I’m supposed to fix this.”

“Hero of Harlem.”

“Nice fashion upgrade.”

“Lives he ruined.”

“I sent him to The Raft.”

“She’s become the exact thing she hates the most.”

“Dangerous insane situation that you created.”

“You’re the last mistake I will ever make.”

“Beat this self-righteous resolve into you.”

“You’ll pay.”

“Maybe you’re glad they’re gone.”

“She needs to go down.”

Butterfly (2018) 1x01
Anna Friel and show killer Emmett J. Scanlan star in this ITV tale of a boy named Max. Amy Huberman co-stars. Scanlan snarls and growls as Friel’s estranged husband and he has a new ho. Max is having a phase and it caused his father to leave. Max broods with his Justin Bieber haircut and signs despondently. Tensions are elevated.

Why was Max using the staff toilet in primary school? Max wants to skip school and obsesses over bathrooms. Why does the household have to resolve around the difficult, volatile and scheming Max? Why is he running the hose? Max is attention seeking and cuts his wrist for attention. He’s 11! Scanlon is all controlled volatility as Max’s angry dad.

Max has calculated selfishness and inappropriate conversations with his father. Max and his selfishness is truly infuriating, he’s full of over-reactions. The ex is emotionally blackmailed to move back in by Max. His parents are made to share a bed again because Max tantrums. The sister is ignored. Max’s dad spews hyper-criticism. Max wants to make a massive change.

Best Lines:
“This can’t keep happening.”

“Thank you for that.”

“Nowhere else.”

“I’m not having the drama.”

“Ready for different.”

The End Of The Road
A gang of thieves come to town. There are suspicions, accusations and gunfights. Cora and her gang of tools brood about mysterious trucks. The doctor is in peril. The prosecutor annoys. This was dull.

Best Line:
“If they’re doing it in the middle of the night - it can’t be good.”

Dark Heroes
There is weirdness and the blonde cop yells at crows. The prosecutor insists on being the worst. The mayor annoys. There are no grim but fitting conclusions. People are bitter, resentful and isolated. People are utterly despicable. There is a perv and secret shagging. A man is attacked with snakes. There is violence, yelling and hinting at secrets. The mayor is arrested. This was not good.
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