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Quotes to make you go mmmmmm

'One Tree Hill’ Quotes
I’m sorry to inform you your club’s down the road. It’s the one lacking customers.”

“This club had such elegance when your mom ran it. I remember being treated with such respect and sometimes I was treated to a few other things.”

‘Fringe’ Quotes
“You’re running on no sleep and if I’m right, caffeine pills. I faked my way through Grad School remember?”

“You know until this year I’d never actually been to a mental hospital.”
“Learn to like new things.”

“Reality is both subjective and malleable. If you can dream a better world, you can make a better world.”
“Or perhaps travel between them.”
“What did you just say?”

'Alias' Quotes
"This is the men's room."
"Who let you in?"

"I'd never imagined a person could exist, someone as thoroughly toxic as yourself. I won't make that mistake again. You want us to believe that you've reformed, that for the love of your daughter you've decided to listen to the better angels of your nature. Arvin, let's be honest. You don't have any."
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