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Movie Reviews: Cube + Alien Contact Outer Space + Oklahoma City

Cube (1997)
This created a franchise! People wake up trapped in a mysterious cube full of puzzles. This is not ‘Saw’. People die and wonder why they are in such a place. A guy makes annoying noises and the ‘hero’ nearly dies and then reveals who and what he really is. There is a mole. A conspiracy nut screams. Actors from ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Stargate’ monotone and or yell as they try to find the door. This was woefully inadequate and also kinda entertaining.

Best Lines:
“Doing office building stuff.”

“I make me sick too.”

“Have you been on glue all your lives?”

Alien Contact Outer Space (2017)
This was interesting but also weird, cheap and wrong.

Oklahoma City (2017)
This was good. The bombing was a moment of reckoning for those culturally and morally on the wrong side of history. The bomber believed he had a moral purpose. There was considerable hostility to big government due to Ruby Ridge and Waco. Not one person from the government expresses regret for Ruby Ridge or Waco. The bomber and others like him were suspicious and hostile of big government leading to violent confrontations. The widespread frustration and hostility led to the terrifying ordeal of the bombing.

Best Lines:
“All leading down a path.”

“How to make tear gas in your basement.”

“Far from being intimidated.”

“No massive conspiracy.”

“Faith, family and friends.”
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