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Batman 3x11&3x12 + Charmed 1x18 Reviewed

The Londinium Larcenies
There are UK puns, bad ones. Peasoupers weren’t a thing in the 1960s. The cast head to the UK on a slow boat. How no-one realises who Batman, Robin and Batgirl really are is unknown.

Ireland Yard is mentioned. Dick plays drums and wears a Beatles wig. Why does Alfred keep calling Dick “Master Robin” when he is not in costume? Glynis Johns plays the female baddie. Batman and Robin are trusted envoys of the US. This is an atrocity. Excess used to be part of the appeal of this show, now it is cheap and bad.

Why is Dick emotionally in thrall to Batman? Weren’t TPTB mortified at how much the show had gone downhill? Scenes in the UK are obvious and badly redressed sets. People SHOUT ALL THEIR LINES BADLY. Batman is a moral challenger to evil. A dodgy geezer and his harpy sister steal stuff for reasons.

The duo’s enduring war against evil has lost its charm. This was dire. The sister runs an evil finishing school. The situation in the UK is somehow grave enough to warrant Batman and Robin’s personal attention. Batman and Robin have the ecstasy of sanctimony. Barbara gets way too much screen time. There is bad ADR.

Dick has no sexual needs of his own. The finishing school trains thieves. The collar on Robin’s cape has been getting bigger all season 3. There are African death bees. WTF does greeby mean?

Best Lines:
“Young Dick.”

“Dick here might find the trip broadening.”

“I saw that immense thing with your name stencilled on it.”

“That youngster.”


The Foggiest Notion
What about the cliffhanger involving dry ice? It was resolved off screen FFS! Batman’s cowl seems obviously ill-fitting. TPTB think mods and hippies are the same thing. Barbara’s dumb. Batman won’t allow Robin to go into a drinking tavern - even to fight crime.

WTF is a foot peg? A stuntman hurls himself over the bar without Batman touching him! Robin’s unobservant. Robin is felt up by felonious females to his horror. No comment. Alfred is utterly unconcerned about the missing Robin. As for Robin, he can’t pronounce sadist. Robin is in a death trap but is saved. The male lackeys look like rejects from the Manson gang. The duo think their view is morally superior.

Best Lines:
“You’re far from mod Robin.”

“Not seeing Robin.”

The Replacement
I caught this on repeat. Sigh. Why did I bother? A new annoying bint shows up to be the new Whitelighter. Harry’s missing, nobody much cares. The sisters are unaware of the concept of paying for college. An ex annoys. There may or may not be a vampire. SJW crap is uttered. The sisters are morons and new bint and the ex need to be shut up. This was crap.

Best Line:
“How conveniently vague.”


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