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Angel Issue 1 & Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 5 Reviewed

Angel Issue 1
Angel’s imposed destiny goes on. There is a flashback to Angelus. Who is Francis? Angel doesn’t photograph. Who is Lilith? Is she the Lilith? A friend of Angel has a daughter who is bewitched by something. What is the big bad? It must come from a source esoteric and arcane. This is a good gloom-fest. Angel broods over his past life and behaviour. He’s self hating and has a moral mandate to help others.

Best Lines:
“The light only exists to make the shadows. And when the light fades, only the shadows will remain.”

“Forever can be cruel.”

“What I’ve done is all I’ll ever be.”

“You had to pick the spooky house at the end of the lane, didn’t you?”

“Something awful has found them.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 5
There is ugly art. Willow and Buffy are awful friends to Xander. Giles says they can reverse what is wrong with Xander. Namely he is now a vampire. Jenny Calendar lurks. Spike and Drusilla ditched the newly vamped Xander. What is a soul tie stone? Drusilla and Spike have a toxic relationship. The Key is mentioned. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You summoned me to be yours and I am. Eternally.”

“He’s the big brother you never had.”
“Or wanted.”

“You’ll need an escort to get in.”

“He’ll either be devoured by his demon or become it. The choice is his.”

“Bring hell with her......everywhere she goes?”
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