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Legend of the Seeker Season 1 Ep 1 Review


I’ve never read the books this series is based on, just getting that out of the way up front. We open with CGI arrows, women in wonderbras, lots of slo-mo and a mysterious boundary. Via some bad acting wonderbra woman is revealed as Kahlan who is here to lead Richard to his destiny as The Seeker.

Problem is Richard’s a slacker with an idiot brother named Michael. Richard doesn’t want to be the Seeker whose destiny it is to kill the tyrant Darken Rahl. In fact how do we know anything Kahlan and the wizard tell Richard is true? Plus Richard is an idiot who loses his magic book. Not a good start to his heroic quest.

This was okay but nothing special. It’s no ‘Queen of Swords’.

Best Lines:
“Zedd will explain everything.”
“He talks to his chickens.”

“You need to know about a man named Darken Rahl. If he is a man and not some twisted wraith of evil brought forth from the underworld to shatter the dreams of humankind.”

“The Book Of Counted Shadows. It was written in a time before remembering.”
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