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STDS9 5x14+Santa Clarita Diet 2x03-2x05+Years and Years 1x05+And The Sea Will Tell Part 2 Reviewed

In Purgatory's Shadow

Garak goes looking for survivors of the failed Romulan/Cardassian attack in the Gamma Quadrant. Ziyal bores. Dukat shows up. He's about to do something stupid. There is a lot of talking and padding in this ep. Dax and Kira talk about a baby. A large Dominion fleet lurks. Worf and Garak are captured by the Dominion. Martok is encountered in a Jem'Hadar fight club. It is revealed that Bashir has been replaced by a changeling for some time. Tain is found. The Dominion never seemed like the type who would take prisoners. A mention is made of 'First Contact'. Tain is Garak's father. It ends on a cliffhanger.

Best Lines:

“Full life if a trifle banal.”

“Cardassian fleet that was lost in the Gamma Quadrant.”

“The Dominion. They're coming.”

Moral Gray Area

A head talks. The zombie store clerk gets more plot time. TPTB have a deliberate strategy of annoying viewers. This was spurious. People have ulterior motives and moral damage in this medicore ep.

Best Lines:

“I pretend to care.”

“It invites questions.”

“Kill suit.”

“Nice white people.”

“Create emotional bonds.

“Nazi lobsters.”

“Non-murdery things.”

The Queen Of England

The talking head annoys. Shelia and store girl chat and fight. It's only 3 weeks since 1x01?!? There is a reveal. There are angry responses. This was mmmm.

Best Lines:

“It could be spreading!”

“The rise of the undead and the end of humankind, we may not need bookshelves.”

“Does he complain? Often.”

“Would you like some jogger?”

“We're bad at everything.”

“Sounded less great.”

“Serving Man emoji.”

“God, I do not miss him.”

“Serbia. Other than tennis players, has anything good come out of that country?”

Going Pre-Med

The source of the virus has been determined. Anne looks into all the missing people. There is a fraught situation. This was discordant.

Best Line:

“Erring on the side of incompetence.”

Years and Years 1x05

It's 2028. Viktor's locked up and blamed for Daniel's death. Viktor is utterly self obsessed. Bananas are extinct and the internet is gone. There are blackouts. It rains and floods. People are ordered to take in homeless UK citizens. Edith sticks her nose in. The grandmother is made to share her mcmansion with the homeless or does she get out of it? Granny is going blind and has to pay 10,000 to fix it. Rosie isn't allowed to trade from her food van and her family are locked into their estate. Rosie's sweet blonde son has grown up into a thug. Bethany goes transhuman. Celeste has to mind her mother in law. A dodgy man is asked to give the fat bald cheater a job. Wine is now 56 pounds a bottle. Rook speaks. Does she have a boss? Who does she think will kill her? There are death camps in the UK and the baldy has Viktor sent to one. So? Viktor is a parasite and a leech and a user. This was strangely mediocre.

Best Lines:

“You awful man!”

“My house is under 3 foot of sewage!”

“The nice ham!”

“Your estate has been designated a criminal zone.”

“It can't read my mind. Not yet.”

And The Sea Will Tell (1991) Part 2

The white trash idiots were unable to surive on the island. Mac and Muff didn't approve of white trash. Jennifer seems oddly apathetic about her murder trial. The judge doesn't like the defence lawyer. Buck was not a nice man but Mac was not smart. Mac starts yelling about Vietnam. There is talk of rat poison. This was dull. Why didn't Mac leave?!? This was not good. Was 'Jennifer' an abused desperate idiot or was she involved in a double murder?

Best Line:

“You might have fooled your lawyers but not me.”

“Goes fishing with a 38.”

“Men hunt, women garden!”

"Get some clothes on!"

"Mr Nixon lover!"

"Mac didn't seem like the kind of guy to let bygones be bygones that easily."

"2 dopey bimbos who were willing to do anything our men wanted."

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