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Designated Survivor 3x10+Batman 3x07+STDS9 5x13+Santa Clarita Diet 1x09-2x02 Reviewed

There is no moral courage by anyone in this. Emily is disingenuous and why isn’t Moss arrested?!? I dislike Emily. Kirkman won the election but his win is tainted thanks to the idiot Emily. Aaron’s woman has antagonism and cultural bias. Will Seth go away?!?

This was not searingly brilliant. Moss is a pathological deceiver. This is not a penetrating psychological study. Otherwise decent people have moral failings. Emily has relentless satisfaction, much like the utterly unrepentant Moss. It is said that Moss’ sidekicks acted unbeknownst to him. But did they really?

This is consciously theatrical. Moss is affronted at being accused of involvement in the racist flu. Season 3 was an improvement after the ghastly saga of season 2. Aaron copies his woman’s haranguing tone. Aaron’s woman needs to go, like Lyor. Kirkman has a justifiable defence for his actions in this ep. Emily whines. Kirkman is credibly ruthless in inevitable unavoidable fashion.

Moral boundaries are crossed. There is no terrifying urgency. Dante smugs. This was not emotion packed. The government still block Kirkman. His nearly being assassinated in season 1 is forgotten. Kirkman and Emily are fundamentally divided in their opinions.

Kirkman is elected POTUS. Mars wants his junkie wife to run for office. Aaron’s woman whines. Moss whines. Emily does something stupid. Aaron’s woman is pregnant. She’s cumbersome. There are arrests. What have you done Emily? This was mediocre. My mood response is undecided. There had better be a season 4.

Best Lines:
“Genocidal plotting.”

“After what?”
“You’ll know.”

“Cynically pivoted.”

“Rebranded himself.”

“Bigoted zealots.”

“Quite the legacy for Hannah Wells.”

“Costs me a future with her.”

“Doesn’t run on reason.”

“Craven calculation.”

“Day one lame duck.”

“High on the fumes of moral superiority.”

“You couldn’t even kill your poor momma right!”

Louie, The Lilac
A mook (Milton Berle) shows up to bother flower children. Said mook, Louie, has selfish ambition. We get a delightful shot of Robin’s ass in his short shorts. His ass is falling out of them! The duo is menaced by man eating plants. This ep was a comic misrendering of sense. This show is not achieving in the way it used to.

Adam West seems demotivated. Whenever a baddie shows up in Gotham, the result is invariably chaos. Batman controls every aspect of Robin’s life. There is no credibility or sense of drama. There is incaution and Robin is an automaton who submits to Batman. There is yet another full on brawl. Why does Batman have such absolute and total control of Robin?

Best Lines:
“Flower in.”

“That’s a bum trip.”

“Make a bad scene.”

“Man-eating lilacs have no teeth Robin!”

“He’s thrown himself into the man-eating lilacs.”

“They’ll mob me.”

For The Uniform
Sisko stalks Eddington who is now running with the Maquis. There is overheated rhetoric, ludicrous grandiosity, facetious eloquence, stilted artificiality and scant respect in this drably unimaginative ep. Sisko ignores the problematic societal issue of the DMZ and its evil consequences. What became of the DMZ?

Sisko has homicidal fury toward Eddington. The holo-communicators debut but soon would never be seen or mentioned again. Eric Pierpoint guest stars. Sisko crosses a line, Dax thinks this is hilarious and there is techno babble. This was dull and not mesmerising.

The Book!
This never looks elegant. Nobody is rational or respectful. Joel is always physiologically agitated. The level of distress rises. There is denigration and relentless obsession and Joel and Drew Barrymore have an indissoluble union. One is painfully aware of this show’s limitations. The teen daughter causes problems. There are difficult circumstances and an ominous encounter.

Best Lines:
“That’s a lot for me to process.”

“Murdering someone with a shovel.”

“Paranoid recluse.”

“Freak convention.”

“Awful man.”

“It would appear not.”

“A churro sabre.”

“Less hireable in a depressed job market.”

Bake, Bile And Baseball Bats
A female doctor shows up babbling about a cure. Drew Barrymore goes feral and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Earning a PhD at 17.”

“Girlish hysteria.”

“Unprovoked aggression.”

“Act of passion.”

“Get a bucket of Serbian vomit.”

“Chain mommy in the basement.”

“Chunks of people in your freezer.”

No Family Is Perfect
Joel is somehow in a nut ward. He’s a stupid thicko. This was okay. There is an intrusion.

Best Lines:
“Nobody asks that and lives.”

“Zero interest in moths.”

Coyote In Yoga Pants
There are deadly consequences and odd archaic rituals with occultish undertones. This was deeply stupid and leaves you only marginally invested. This has no ridiculous splendour and a whole bunch of thing have happened in this show and almost none of them made sense.
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