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Designated Survivor 3x07-3x09 + Gotham 5x05 Reviewed 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢


Aaron's shady past is exposed. The Russians meance. The attack from 1x01 is mentioned. Emily is obnoxious. Where is Mike? There is swearing. Where is Chuck? Where is Abe? Where is Trey? SJW crap is spewed. Mars does stuff about the pill problem.

This was disheartening. There is an unexpected death. How could TPTB do that? FFS! There is no limitless possibility. A baddie is remorseless. There is no getting the dead character back. The baddie boasts of his terrible means. A character dies in horrendous cirumstances. Boo TPTB!

Best Lines:

“There's commotion afoot.”

“You're nastier than I thought.”

“Confess his nefarious intentions.”


Kirkman makes a speech. We see Hannah Wells' parents. The new open credits theme sounds like the 'Avengers' theme. Will there be a season 4? The baddie provokes fear and does unconscionable things.

There are deliberate acts of endangerment. Aaron's woman never stops bitching. Ditch her from this show. Dante won't admit he was in the wrong. Emily whines. Seth steps over a line. Aaron's woman is such a bitch .Moss pulls crap. It's not over and this is not really tense or quite unnerving. But it is okay. There is a reveal.

Best Lines:

“Smart dust.”

“Uncurable designer diseases.”

“Wipe out all humanity.”

“That'll be noted.”

“Not a visual I needed.”

“A ho bath.”

“Get to know you prattle.”

“Nightmare virus.”

“Murder me dead.”

“Genetic genocide.”


People wonder if Moss is involved in the virus plot. Kirkman is still not winning. The tool is arrested. There is purposelessness and no indecipherable complexity. There is operatic absurdity. Aaron's woman is a raving bitch. Seth needs to go. This is not a profound mediatation. The true purpose of the virus becomes clear. Falsehood flies and truth comes limping after it.

There is no pathological dread over the flu. Emily's plot bores. Choices doom people. The junkie knows about Mars' wandering. There is intensely negative media focus on Kirkman. People are coerced into silence and confrontational. Seth is asked a favour. Imminent ruin is faced. A doctor is horrible.

Moss is an object of criticism and scorn. Seth's brat returns. Aaron whines and this tries for poignant moments. This was not endlessly inventive or full of endless dramatic possibilities. There is invalid reasoning, opposing views, aggression, invective, dissembling, invalid reasoning and rhetorical tricks. People don't respond calmly. They need to dedramatise the situation.

Penny wears a wig. Further antipathy is sown. Moss and Kirkman yell. Kirkman had a reputation for calm common sense. Things are handled clumsily. People wonder if Moss helped wreak death and destruction. Dante needs to shut up. He has a relentless obsession with himself and has no reflection.

There is no personal intergrity or fair play. There are profound mistakes and opprobrium. Aaron's woman yells. Trouble inexorably expands. Penny needs to shut up. Kirkman has no respect for Moss. There are disastrous consequences for everyone. The campaign manager carefully manipulates events. A damning video of Moss leaks. Moss is galling. One has no will, motivation or interest to care about Emily. There is public anger and a twist.

Best Lines:

“Nobody would believe it.”

“Scientific curositity of the non-genocidal persuasion.”

“How's your addict wife?”

“Is that the country you want to live in?”

“Do you feel represented?”

“Gracefully suffering.”

Pena Dura

Shane West as Bane (who isn't yet bad) shows up. Alfred is done with all of this. Riddler bores. Will someone shoot him already? Selina reveals she saw the Waynes murder. Dr Strange shows up. Why is Riddler getting away with everything?!? This was unwatchably terrible.

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