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Designated Survivor 3x03-3x06 + The Handmaid’s Tale 3x02 Reviewed

Penny gets a plot. No one cares. The bio-weapon plot goes on. Emily sticks her nose in. Kirkman wants to govern. People scream about smallpox. Kirkman has a sister in law now? People swear. You can build smallpox by ordering bits of DNA on the internet?!?

Moss sabotages Kirkman some more. Kirkman wants to fix Syria. Mars’ junkie wife whines and calls him a gold-digger. She leaves out chinless. Aaron has issues. Aaron is vetted about his sex life. Seth finds his daughter. Kirkman orates. Emily sneaks. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“I play hockey.”
“American sports!”

“I forbid this!”

“Make me believe that!”

“This is the most important speech of my career!”
“Until the next one.”

“That’s gene theft!”
There’s a teachers strike. Aaron’s woman is told to tone it down. This tries for cultural conversation. Kirkman is no longer willing to compromise. Aaron has a secret. There is more swearing. Wells looks into bioterror. Nobody seems overburdened by the weight of the 1x01 attack. Wells has a horrible certainty that the bio weapon is targeted.

Kirkman has self regard and wants to see his dream lived out. SJW crap is yelled. It’s amazing how quickly the 1x01 attack receded back into history. Wells has grave concerns. Contentious issues cause a social minefield. A vicious horrifying conspiracy is underway. AGAIN. Emily is profoundly worried. Does Aaron never work? Kirkman is increasingly unwilling to listen. Moss causes a riot, off-screen.

Mars’ wife is out of rehab. Aaron has a secret. Mars has a mistress. Moss wants to strike break. Aaron’s woman won’t tone it down. The campaign manager hurls abuse. The ‘flu’ is targeted. Seth overdoes it. Emily whines. Aaron’s woman whines and has resentment. Nobody is amicable. There are questions raised about Alex’s death.

Best Lines:
“Show some decorum.”


“Did they succeed?”
“No thank god.”
Vile garbage trolls accuse Kirkman of a heinous crime. Seth’s offspring ghosts him. Seth roars. Kirkman has justifiable grievances and horrified distain for the media. Wells looks for a rogue nurse. Mars’ whore whines. Liberal opinion formers pontificate. Dante reveals a secret. There is social discourse and moral arguments.

Moss is a sleaze-peddler. There are no social restraints. Aaron’s woman is baroque and overblown and she thinks she’s spewing a hard hitting narrative. She’s ghastly. Emily whines. There is no emotional maturity or psychological complexity. Moss is now a Trump expy.
Kirkman is meant to be moral uplifting. Emily and Aaron hook up. There is human fallibility. There is portentous speech and this was just awful, tragic and terrible and it causes no curious fascination. Wells investigates. Dante spews SJW crap. There is a twist and this was fluffy and vapid.

Best Lines:
“Debate prep.”


“Death plate.”

“Moral degenerates.”

“The depth of its finality.”

“Lawless action.”

“I didn’t say to do it badly.”

“Rising dawn.”

“Neo-Nazi PhDs.”

“Reclaim Our Nation.”
Aaron Ashmore guest stars. A sick illegal immigrant becomes a focus of attention. Wells is in trouble again. Moss is hostile and aggressive. Who is leading the USA toward oblivion? There is fuss about the dying moppet. There is vociferous criticism. Mars’ wife ODs. Kirkman learns White House aides are routinely mugged. Kirkman sees Dante’s rundown and disheartening neighbourhood.

Alex had a sister? Who never showed up when Alex was FLOTUS or when Kirkman was shot or when Alex DIED?!? There are complications and Kirkman rants about urban renewal. Mars rants about his junkie wife. There are bathroom issues. Kirkman does assiduous reputation management.

Baddies are deliberately and insistently disgusting. There are malign activities and stupidity and ignorance. This is not a sombre exploration of said malign activities. There is escalating lunacy and monstrous obstinacy and a lack of ethical, principled behaviour. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Illness invaders.”

“American kidneys? Moss really said that?”


“Developing genocidal bio weapons.”

“Turn on you like week old fish!”

“Dispiriting world.”

“Demented minds.”

“I’d like to intervene but under what authority?”

“The states we care about.”

“Promises unkept.”

Mary And Martha
Offred has a pious and untrustworthy new walking partner, named Ofmatthew. Emily is blamed for all that went down in the Waterford’s house. Offred is Ofjospeh now. Tinned turkey is in Loaves And Fishes. That seems gross. Who arranges the cans and boxes in the supermarket just so? Why are reject babies called shredders?

Have the Marthas and Handmaids long had a troubled relationship? Aunt Lydia is not dead, just battered. The new Commander’s wife looks crazed. Docility ensuring violence is meted out. Why does troublemaker June/Offred/Ofjoseph get away with it?

Gilead’s terrifying power goes on. Its guiding ethos is continuous intimidation. The show has run out of disturbing elements and exploitative patterns. Aunt Lydia is mean to June. Aunt Lydia is not conciliatory just horribly cruel and into acts of intimidation. The depressing certainty is that more is to come.

Luke ignores June’s baby and lets Moira mind her. What about Emily’s family? Marthas plot. What is with the new Commander Lawrence? June sees it as her moral right to annoy. It is not easy to tell who the true adherents of Gilead are. The Lawrence home is a tense place. The theocratic society gets worse. June is demanding. June dresses as a Martha to playact as a spy.

What became of mobile phones? They’re never seen anymore. What about TV? Youtube? Wouldn’t the Handmaid tag in June’s ear be visible in her Martha disguise? A Martha is going deeper into Gilead to join a resistance cell. Emily stares and dwells on the enormity of her loss. Or something. Luke’s a moron. This was not even intermittently interesting.

Lawrence’s Martha is called Cora. What is with Mrs Lawrence? Commander Lawrence screams and has aggressive intent. Why aren’t the Commander and Serena Joy being treated with suspicion? Where is Nick? June refrains from doing anything logical. June’s stupidity leads to a scene of mayhem and appalling outcomes. A body ends up in the garden.

June has nothing meaningful to contribute. She faces the threat of abuse. People have a shared aversion to June. Why are people such idiots?

Best Lines:
“You should be on the wall!”

“The Marthas don’t trust us.”
“Who does?”

“Marthas are sinners too.”

“A lot of work with your community.”

“We’re easy to catch because we’re easy to see.”

“We’re not allowed in this part of town.”
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