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Designated Survivor 3x01&3x02+STDS9 5x10+GoodGirls(2018-?) 1x01+The Handmaid's Tale 3x01 Reviewed 👀


We're dropped into the middle of the action. The annoying White House guy and Kirkman's useless brother have been kicked to the curb. There is increasing anxiety that Kirkman will lose. There is an Office of Social Isolation. There are many dissatisfied elements in America. Overbearing and erratic people intrigue against Kirkman.

Anthony Edwards and Lauren Holly guest star. Krikman's State Of The Union speech went badly. People incit abuse against Kirkman. Where is Kirkman's son? His daughter lurks. People have a lack of shame, guilt, regret and empathy. Emily has secrets. Wells lurks.

Seth whines. A campaign manager shows up. There is sweating and the attack from 1x01 is mentioned once. Wells is called to account for all her actions. Wells is kicked out of the FBI and promptly hired by the CIA. Moss is an ass. Aaron sneaks. There is an Ireland mention.

Kirkman orates. This was okay if not absolutely glorious. The orphaned daughter Wells hung out with has been dumped on someone else. Mars the new Chief Of Staff has a junkie wife. The campaign manager bangs a male escort. Kirkman's daughter objects to her stupid nickname. This tries to be thought provoking and Kirkman is messianic. Dead birds are seen. Is this the new conspiracy?

Best Lines:

“Resume writing workshop.”

“Many examples of your transgressions.”

“Uber killed the taxi.”

“2 intimidatingly fit gentlemen.”

The Chief Of Staff's junkie wife causes issues. It's been 6 months since 3x01. There may be another conspiracy (a bioweapon) in the works. Kirkman is 3rd in the polls and faces another scandal. Shirtless photos of Aaron are liked. Kirkman wants to rebuild America. Seth annoys. Norway whines and Dante bumbles and Saudi Arabia whines. SJW talk flies. A man doom-mongers. Seth learns he has a sperm donor baby. The bioweapon plot is the only interesting plotline in this medicore ep. SHUT UP Emily! Why is traitor Emily working in the White House unopposed?!? Aaron is asked to be VP. HOW? WHY?

Best Lines:
"Let your attorney handle the big words."

"Morally superior America."

"I wasn't particularly wowed."

"Good luck on that one."

"Make biological weapons on our phone."

"Not Fed friendly."

"Which the Secret Service would have shot you for."


There is no message of reassurance as evil space pope Kai Winn lurks and everyone forgets she is a proven meance. Kasidy is out of jail already. Sisko gets drunk on destiny. There is a guest star who can't act. Sisko has nerve damage and is still dating Kasidy neither of which is a source of concern to his boss.

Bajor thinks about joining the UFP. Catastrophe is predicted. Sisko obsesses over and finds a lost city. Sisko does noble advocacy. Kai Winn's words are always purposeful. Sisko has visions of the coming Dominion/Cardassian alliance. Nobody does self-examination. Sisko holds to his principles and causes distress.

Kai Winn is malicious. The new uniforms have debuted. Sisko does a mad rant which has repercussions. The Bashir is in this ep would later be revealed to not be Bashir and nobody noticed. It's a critical juncture. Has Sisko lost his judgement? Sisko's rants do not lead to a popular decision.


3 women used to be so much more than they are now. Which leads to the trio robbing a store as they're going through momumental external change due to a bastard ex, a cheating broke husband and a sick child.

Men aren't reliable presences. This was shoddy incompetence. Silly and damaging mistakes are made. Men do betrayal and treachery. A bimbo is told off. The trio think they'll fix it all by robbing the store.

The trio make terrible choices and this was not subtle or naturalistic. The store robbery yields a haul of half a million. They question why a grocery store has so much money. Maddening and frequently stupid things happen. Men have unlovely aspects and there is galloping absurdity. There are less lovely times. There is ill-feeling and disrespect.

There is portentous reflection and this was a sludgy mess. Little effort is made to explain character motivation or rationale. There is death and criminals.

Best Lines:

“Very expensive underwear.”

“He should know better. You're obviously stupid.”

“Brazilian would put you in the hospital. This is just brush control.”

“My husband and I aren't having a lot of s-e-x right now.”

“Maybe he just can't find it.”

“So much on the DVR.”

“I saw your ass tat.”


Offred's stupid choices go on. The Commander screams. Nick calls out Offred's selfishness. Emily and Offred's baby make it to Canada. Serena burns down her house. Luke meets Offred's baby. Offred is sent to Emily's old posting. I just didn't care about this ep or Offred's unsettled fate.

Best Lines:

“God has made me master of an incredible woman.”

"God requires penance."

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