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Movie Reviews: The Mansion + Shattered Family + The Desert Fox

The Mansion (2017)

This subtitled French horror is criminally horrendous.

Shattered Family (1993)

Cotter Smith, Richard Crenna and Rhea Perlman star in this true story tv movie. A neglected boy needs a home. He has a yearning to be included in a loving family. I think this was 1 of 2 tv movies based on the same true story.

A family foster the boy from a boy's ranch. His name is changed and his bio-mom is incredibly damaging. A social worker is useless. The boy is desirous of a better life and the boy's godawaful drunk father and useless bio-mom intrude. The boy has a right to happiness. The bio parents are incapable of displays of devotion. Social workers resolutely ignore sense. This was not very interesting. The bimbo social worker has a want of principle. The boy wants to divorce his bio-parents, they've no true intentions. The bio-mother is massively opposed to her son being adopted. She negatively impacts him and he is allowed to be adopted.

Best Lines:

“His mother seems more interested in herself than her child.”

“She's had 11 years to prove to her child that she loves him.”

“Bonding is not in his best interest.”

“Made a few insightful recommendations.”

The Desert Fox (1951)

James Mason and Jessica Tandy star in this bio-pic of Erwin Rommel. Leo G Carroll is also in this. Rommel wears a leather trenchcoat in the desert. He waves a stick and there is exposition and TPTB have to make justifications for filming this.

This was dated looking and Rommel seems to get regularly emotionally upset. He gets involved in a plot and there are far reaching consequences. Rommel dies offscreen and this was tiresome. Was any of this true? Who knows.

Best Lines:

“Did he really use that work to you?”

“Not once but several times.”

“The war is not going well.”

“No further interest or concern.”

“He'll never turn on me.”

“Sole and total command.”

“Displacing the maniac and tyrant.”

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