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The Blacklist 6x01 + Black Mirror 5x03 + The Americans 6x10 + Charmed 1x17 Reviewed

Dr Hans Koehler
Reddington isn’t Reddington. What about his navy academy roommate? He recognised him! Real Reddington killed Liz’s mom. Liz has an unconquerable resolve to annoy. This was abysmal. James Spader looks bored. What about Liz’s daughter? This was dull and Red is particularly odious and unusually menacing.

Best Line:
“He hates the French.”

Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too
A pop star (Miley Cyrus) sings and a fan gets a robot doll of her. The pop star’s aunt/manager controls her. The pop star wants freedom but is poisoned by her aunt/manager. As fans weep over the comatose pop star, her aunt plans to exploit her comatose niece. The pop star’s spirit somehow inhabits the doll of her a fan owns. The fan has a bitch sister. The plot is patently absurd as the fan has to save Ashley so she can sing rock songs in a dive bar. This was okay if not very competent.

Best Line:
“Bad word choice.”

The show ends. Philip knows the magnitude of the trouble they’re in. One is intuiting his and Elizabeth’s future. Stan is preparing for the confrontation. Things are precarious. Elizabeth is a resolute believer with blind loyalty. The adverse attention isn’t going away.

Henry learns what his parents are. Sadly in a 5 second scene. Elizabeth and Philip have no high hopes of happiness. What is it with Elizabeth’s upper lip? Nobody has quiet courage or integrity. Philip and Elizabeth stand alone in the world and are ethically compelled to keep going.

Oleg is in peril. What’ll become of Paige and Henry? Stan confronts Philip, Elizabeth and Paige. Philip and Elizabeth admit it. Stan has a frenzy of protest and is derogatory. Paige spews harmful truths. Stan is vehemently opposed to them and has a perception of what is socially acceptable. Costs come due. Fulfilment is illusory. This was tolerable but not strikingly effective.

Why doesn’t Stan shoot them?!? He has culpability and lets them go! FFS WTF was that? Stan is a pathetic tool. Boo to him and his self-pride. The circumstances that Philip and Elizabeth have put themselves in are not good. Philip and Elizabeth face a change they can never go back from.

Stan was told his new wife could be a plant. Is she? We’ll never know. Does he believe it? Possibly. But he doesn’t anything about it. Philip and Elizabeth constantly expect danger. Decisions are hasty and ill-advised. But can never be recalled. More wigs are worn. Where do they get them all? Paige has a terrible disguise on.

Stan lies. What’ll become of the monk? There is McDonalds product placement. The Jennings house is investigated. Paige ditches her parents. What doe she plan to do now? What’ll become of her? Elizabeth has a weird flashback/dream. Philip and Elizabeth have nothing but the clothes on their backs. Paige drinks vodka.

The duo won’t be popular back home. The duo get home. Without their children. Elizabeth shrugs off their loss. Elizabeth steadfastly maintained allegiance. It’s not a heroes welcome they are given. One never contemplated that they would take that course of action. There is lots and lots of driving. All weight of expectation led here. ‘Russia’ doesn’t look Russian. Why are they speaking English?!?

Best Lines:
“Come down hard on him.”

“It’s not our choice.”

“My life was the joke.”

“I don’t know their American names.”

“He’ll hate you.”
“We know that.”

The elders annoy. Jessica Steen is in this somewhere. Harry is de-white lightered. Niko annoys. SJW crap takes place. Everyone annoys. Niko needs to piss off. This was inane. What’s up with Parker? This was wholly frustrating and everyone is a moron.

Best Lines:
“Manifesting positivisty.”

“Living in a real life ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.”
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