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Book Review: The Luminous Dead

The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling
Gyre Price goes caving on an alien colony world. Monitoring her on the surface is Me who has her own agenda. The never explained Tunnelers that call the underground their home lurk. Gyre has to deal with paranoia, missing supplies, route change, mixed motives and petulant abandonment of sense. This started off well but descends into idiocy. Trust erodes between Gyre and Em and distain, ridicule, appalling verbal abuse and mutual recriminations fly.

Eerie secretiveness and disquiet give way to stupidity. All nerve wrecking intrigue is ruined. The emotive element of fear is chucked for an unlikely emotional attachment and a dumb ending. There is annoying panic and misunderstanding. The pathetic self pity and fear psychosis is endless.

One feels deep regret that Gyre is locked in an escalating dispute with rock. Sadly this turned out to devoid of quality. People are horrifically cruel, have an inability to foresee their own imminent destruction, make assumptions and communicate in a negative way.
There is widespread mistrust and poisonous social discourse. You need forbearance to get through this as logic is contemptuously dismissed. This is not cleverly unsettlingly and logic and quality is generally ignored.
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