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Movie Reviews: Anybody's Nightmare +When Eight Bells Toll +Bigfoot +No Child Of Mine 😢😢😢😢

Anybody's Nightmare (2001)

This dull story of a woman falsely accused is excessively dramatic and it causes no wry fascination. The police have relentless determination to annoy and convict her. There is no profound shock over the death of an old woman but the cops give the 'heroine' the judgmental side-eye. The accused 'heroine' is luckless and faces life-altering incomparable venom from bullying police who've deemed her an enemy. The accused 'heroine' is incapable of being believed and is tainted by allegations. She's chucked into jail and there is bad hair and no atmospheric awfulness. Her family fight to get her released. This was not very distressing. The legal system is challenged and confronted.

Best Lines:

“Some scruffy types.”

“Aunt Flo.”

When Eight Bells Toll (1971)

Anthony Hopkins stars in this incoherent action film.

Best Lines:

“He's on the wine committee!”

“Comes of not going to a proper school!”

Bigfoot (2012)

Danny Bonaduce stars in this dreck. There is a horrible CGI bigfoot and Alice Cooper.

No Child Of Mine (1993)
Patty Duke stars in this INSPIRATIONAL yet dull tv movie.

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