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Quotes & Stuff

Burrito – okay.

Cheddar on gluten free crackers – okay.

Donor kebab – okay.

Gluten free brownie – okay.

I'm not sure about the idea of basil and saffron mayonnaise.

I want to go to a Bourbon and BBQ festival.

I won't read 'Under The Moon'.

Earth used to have a methane atmosphere.

'The First' axed – no suprise.

'TVNow' Quotes:

“In one of his more flamboyant performances, and that's saying something.”

“Shady conspiracy theory ahoy.”

“Whose morals are as blurry as his dress sense.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Shows warmth.”

'The Circle' Quote:

“Hoarding of knowledge and information.”

'TotallyDublin.IE' Quotes:

“Culturally curious.”

“A name utterly recognised.”

“Psychologically consistent.”

“Hellish visions for the future of humanity.”

“Catastrophe-averting mechanism.”

“Unknown reaches of human observation and endeavour.”

“Preoccupied with his own narrative.”

“Should be exposed for what they really are.”

Rejects conventional ideas of meaning or purpose.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Cultural performance.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Lack of problem recognition abilities.”

“He was this kid all along.”

“Get involved with the wrong crowd.”

'The Planets' Quotes:

“Second Genesis.”

“A failed world.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

Deferred its search for a new identity.”

“Huge, baying crowd.”

“Praise is heaped upon her.”

“Hoots of derision.”

“Inexplicable reluctance.”

“Significantly contributed.”

“Your life is written for you.”

“Deterministic philosophers.”

“Several personal catastrophes accumulating simultaneously.”

“Everybody knows who you are and what you have.”

“One has stopped caring.”

“Embrace your circumstances with enthusiasm.”

“Irresponsible work attiudes.”

“Resistant to new ideas, intolerant of difference,”

“Derogatory remarks about welfare freeloaders.”

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