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Years And Years 1x04 + Gotham 5x04 + Black Mirror 5x02 Reviewed

Years And Years 1x04

Daniel goes to Spain to visit Viktor. People sort of mention Daniel's first husband. How does Daniel have the money to follow Viktor all over Europe and pay people smugglers to get him to France? There is an uprising in Spain that Daniel is too dumb to notice. Greece leaves the Euro, Hungary goes bust, the fat idiot continues his affair, the UN says it will leave the USA and the USA goes Gilead.

Edith is banned for life from America. How does the grandmother have 10,000 to give to Rosie after the banks collapsed? There are acorn and membrane burgers. There is zero mention of Ireland. You need a breath scan for a passport and for all security checks. Daniel screams more SJW crap. Daniel's obsession with Viktor is obsessive. In the UK, voting is now compulsory.

The fat idiot's wife and mistress come face to face. The fat idiot, Stephen, is shamed by Celeste. The grandmother and Stephen and Celeste's kids are on Celeste's side as Stephen is chucked out. Daniel is stupid and never stops shagging Viktor. He loses his passport and money due to being a fool. He then loses a lot more. Rook becomes PM. This was okay. Viktor breaks into Daniel's house and is awful.

Best Lines:

“Tuesday means drug test day.”

“Saw the last of the ice disappear.”

“Terrible men out there.”


Of course this fascist Bruce Wayne will grow up to batter his Robins like his comic book counterpart. Where is Harvey Dent? Criminals running Gotham is regarded as normal, certain and permament. Where is Lee? There is leaden dread. This show never had unlimited potential. Gordon likes to be approved of. The legally insupportable ignoring of Gotham goes on.

Why is there no disease from the bodies and lack of water? Gordon's overtly moral outlook bores. Hope is smothered as the baddies brash antics go on. Alfred finally shows up. Bruce is a false saviour. He's also a shockingly mean spirited pernicious twit given to resentful looks who will grow up to treat his Robins as punching bags for stress relief.

Barbara sluts it up and Gordon shags her. FFS. There is no emotional storytelling. This causes great frustration. There is reckless misconduct. People have a collective failure to intervene in Gotham. People do dramatic posing. People are confronted with hard choices. This show is ambitionless and beyond salvaging. Bruce is a manic psychopath and future child abuser.

This ep has no heroic myth and it is atrocious. Ed bores. The sight of his ghastly visage annoys. What about the comatose Falcone daughter? This show is increasingly irritating. There is no accountability. The characters are toxic and wayward. Where is Posion Ivy? Where is Mr Freeze? Mayhem spreads. The Joker minces and does a silly voice. Is Joker's sidekick supposed to be Harley Quinn? Where's Man Bat?

Best Lines:

“Woefully apparent.”

“She wants to kill you. A lot.”


A taxi driver (Andrew Scott) is exceptionally hostile to a fare. People have uncritical agreement to tech. Scott minces, prances and shrieks. He's a stone cold loser. Contentious issues are raised. Scott takes a fare hostage and has ideological objections to the encrusted ideology. This ep causes apathy. This is a grim future.

There are negative consequences and an exploitative tech company. There is ranting, heinous behaviour and you watch this to your detriment. This was lazy and unfocused. Cops show up to the hostage situation. Scott works with the circumstances in which he finds himself. This was slow and sullen. Things take a miserable direction.

Scott is completely without any optimism, interest or passion. He does not work toward improving his life. He has no enthusiasm, investment or intensity. This ep drifts. Scott has chagrin and self pity. One feels indifferent. A bad outcome is engineered. Idiot interns babble. This is a cruel and inhumane business. Kids watch the drama.

Civil society is a lie. There is no privacy. People have points of contention. There is an unalterable course of events. This deteriorates dramatically from the start. There is an Uber expy and things are not serious and responsible. One feels serious doubts about the tech company's credibility and impartiality. An up himself tech boss sneers.

Best Lines:

“Keep me distracted on the phone.”

“No critical shot.”

“2 dead including the drunk.”

“Poor old mister starter pistol.”

“Silent retreat.”

“Low income.”

“Expressed hostile sentiments.”

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