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Trailers, Thoughts & Stuff

‘Gentleman Jack’ opening credits

‘Child’s Play’ trailer
Oh get lost.

‘For All Mankind’ trailer
An AU look at NASA, this looks good.

Mint Truffle bar - nice.
Wasabi nuts - hot.

Robert Pattinson is Batman?!?!

I read who is coming back to ‘Neighbours’. WTF?


‘Two Pints Of Lager and A Packet Of Crisps’ was crap.

Best Line:
“Knicker trouble.”

‘Decadence and Downfall’ and ‘The Atlanta Child Murders’ were good documentaries.

I want green amethyst earrings with diamonds and a Joe Cariati decanter.

I’d try rose tea and spiced hot chocolate. I’d try gorse flower ice cream with primrose oil, fermented heather and sugar coated larch buds. And I’d try asparagus grilled over turf with hazelnut miso paste and a nettle and chamomile flower sauce. I’d also try oyster with apple balsamic and roasted koji butter. I’d also try potato with Boyne Valley Ban Cheese, black garlic and scapes.

What is wood sorrel?

I won’t read ‘The Raven Tower’.

‘No Good Nick’ is terrible.

‘Batman V Two Face’ Quote:
“Batman look at the size of those balls!”

‘The Batman’ Quote:
“Who’s the pixie?”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quote:
“Distinct lack of humility and regret for her actions.”

‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ Quotes:
“I don’t disagree.”

“Men are stupid.”

“Put on a shirt because no one wants to see that.”

“Their only hope is that they get into a really good gang.”

“Just stare at me like a serial killer.”

“A panic disorder.”

“Restless life syndrome.”

“Sounds like a tampon commercial.”

“Slightest undercurrent of resistance.”

“Trending positive.”

“Good luck. He’s mean.”

“Has every issue in the book.”

“All your ridiculous choices.”

“Idiot boy.”

“Appears dejected.”

“Feel free to use specific words.”


“Put on a thong.”

“Love kernel.”

“Paid me back me with rejection, pain and loss.”

“Lie man.”

“Hot melted fat water.”

“Who pole dances for male attention?”

“Who cares about being likeable?”
“You don’t seem to!”

“Why are you even in our lives?”

“Psycho with no life.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Social elevator.”

“They formed a view and dripped it into the public consciousness.”

“We drift from the safe places of our childhood. There is no going back.”

“Whose passion for bridge-burning has resulted in ever more limited options.”

“The gradual erosion of a glorious talent in unworthy material.”

“Mania for self-sabotage.”

“Everyone who wanted to take offence took offence.”

“This is how historical reigns and epochs end.”

“Sexual ruin.”

‘Teen Titans Go!’ Quotes:
“I’d rather crawl.”

“They look angry.”

“Our chum Batman does go through a sidekick or two.”

“I feel the guilt.”

“Holy hostages.”

“Hurt bot.”

‘The Luminous Dead’ Quote:
“Open spaces just meant more directions for people to come at you.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Process that will be awaiting her.”

‘Poirot’ Quote:
“This whole enterprise has filled me with foreboding.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Weapon of the enemy.”

“Unwiped spill.”


“Never to engage in such conversations, as it can be detrimental.”

“Deeply afflicted by grief but seeing that daily life goes on as usual for almost everyone else.”

“That day is gone.”

“Divergent from the normal.”

“Spectacular fall from their 18th-century zenith.”

“No answers to the questions he is likely to face.”

“Homeric epithet.”

“Clearly frustrated that we don’t understand his reasoning. But his reasoning is nonsensical.”

“Identify the national interest with their own political preferences.”

“Tried to damn and silence us.”

‘Horrible Bosses’ Quote:
“I work for the anti Christ.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Visited upon him.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Oh my gosh, it’s bearable.”

“Happily estranged.”

“Have fun playing for nickels on the street!”

“You don’t exist for me anymore.”

“Sad snacking.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Shipping her off to mental hospitals.”

“I don’t cry anymore.”

“Been on more hot dogs than ketchup.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Assessed as posing a threat to my safety.”

“The worst human being I ever knew.”

“Statements of truth.”

“No mercy should be offered.”

“Feared the twins would beat him up during mediation in a lawyer’s office.”

“Dealing with a pestiferous new religious cult which he described frostily as “a kind of depraved and unbrindled superstition”, nowadays better known as Christianity.”

“Devoid of intelligent life.”

“Potential to alienate.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste is visited and spoken to about his deplorable behaviour. Ste’s a liar. Ste has a further altercation with the Maliks. Tony and Peri and Leela have a sobering realisation that Ste is beyond redemption. Why can Ste just stomp into the Maliks garden? When will Ste suffer retribution for his crap? This was not era-defining. Ste skulks. Harry has an unborn child on the way. Liam frames Harry for running over Grace.
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