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Life With Judy Garland - Me And My Shadows +Batman 3x05&3x06+Berlin Station 2x07 Reviewed

Life With Judy Garland - Me And My Shadows (2001)
Judy Davis stars in this bio-pic miniseries alongside Victor Garber and Hugh Laurie. This was based on Lorna Luft’s book about her mother. Judy tries for stardom. What became of her 2 less talented sisters?

Davis does actings, silly outfits are worn and the oppressive shadow of drugs and pills lurks. This looks low end. Hollywood made ill use of Judy Garland and did catastrophic damage to her. A powerful and obnoxious odour of mendacity hangs over this. This has no benefit. Davis over acts wildly. Liza barely features in this.

Judy made horribly bad decisions. There is obvious miming and this was incredibly earnest and less than flattering. It’s increasingly awful. There was a theft of Judy’s sexuality, identity and happiness. Bad wigs are worn and there was no tremendous renown for this.
Judy has hysteria, farcically. This was lamentable. Shameless lies are told. This tale from a distant era is not incredibly evocative. Judy has self-pity. She wears others down and does grievous harm. This was degrading. This had no mad brilliance and was downright awful.

There are failed attempts at happiness. The narrative does not cohere. Domestic violence is witnessed by Lorna. This was aggressive silliness and it had no sincere sentiment. Judy is a pathetic figure of fun. Liza seems not to exist for vast chunks of this story. Judy has comical insensitivity to others. She’s acrimonious and arduous.

Liza shows up. Judy seems older than 47 at the end. Judy was an absolutely horrifying immensely unhappy nightmare. She was so broken inside and unfulfilled. She had an unfortunate public image and the days of her unmitigated glory were long gone. Judy crudely attempted affection.

Judy’s life was tailor made for drama but not good drama. There was overacting. Judy could not have been more irresponsible - she shifted disconcertingly from benevolent to inscrutable to downright menacing from scene to scene and she never evoked pity.

Best Lines:
“3 directors and an army of writers.”

“Poor you.”

“Never saw herself as tragic.”

“The IRS had taken her house.”

A Horse Of Another Color
Bruce is a library trustee. Bruce does moralising with an utter lack of self-awareness. Nagging bore Aunt Harriet is gone. Dick is like a raging pitbull. Penguin does anarchic lawbreaking. The Dick riding Bruce’s thoroughbred line was absolutely intentional in how it sounded.

Penguin lurks sinisterly. Batgirl is all uselessness. What Bruce and Dick manage to get up to while surrounded by watching eyes. A horse called Waynebeau features. There is a horse race. This was okay. The duo are respected for their public service.

Best Lines:
“A.L Fredd.”


“Fleece Street.”

“I did a little extracurricular crime-detecting while Dick Grayson was doing his homework.”

“Pompous purloiner.”

“A deep and dire plot.”

“No Dick, I couldn’t allow my own ward to ride my own thoroughbred. People might think it was funny.”

The Unkindest Tut Of All
King Tut is back. Bruce and Barbara had a date. Batman is not a social improver. Social order is in peril from Tut. Is Bruce really irreproachable and without darkness? Tut has homicidal intentions. Tut hurls inflammatory accusations about Bruce on live TV. The thing is Tut is right about Bruce being Batman but social honour must be maintained.

What became of Dick’s parents? He has never once mentioned them. Robin is controlled by Batman. Is Bruce Batman due to living in a mausoleum of grief and having a desolate heart and suffering grief? Being vigilantes doesn’t limit Bruce and Dick’s social lives. Nobody brings up the fact that Robin was arrested in season 2. There is incoherent mayhem. Tut does supposed revelations. Batman and Robin do behaviour management.

There is a Doves v Hawks match. Robin never does the slightest disobedience to Batman. Tut puts a tracker on the Batmobile. No one has ever tried that before for some reason. The duo head home and Tut learns the location of the Batcave and guesses rightly that Bruce is Batman.

The pseudo-historical Tut goads Bruce. This was not entirely terrible. Tut has another moronic moll. Alfred slides down Robin’s pole. Robin fondles a bit of wood. No comment. Batgirl and Batman flirt. Tut still knows who Batman is. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You may be severely pummelled about the head and shoulders.”

“Have a direct line on their true identities.”

“Accursed place.”

“Dire dilemma.”

“Bat dummy closet.”

“The Batcave is directly under stately Wayne Manor.”

“Poor deluded man.”

“Relentless war against evil.”

“Masked moralist!”

“Wide open for evil doers.”

“Staring us right in our masks.”

“How could I have missed that one?”

“No one knows where you live.”

“You came down that pole like a pro Alfred. I bet you always wanted to do that.”

Right And Wrong
People yap. Hector plots. The Germans are useless. Robert’s sick of his son’s crap. This was BAD.
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