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Black Mirror 3x07 + Batman 3x04 Reviewed

People live in a future Stepford like community. They wear smart contact lenses they can’t take out. Everybody has a social media rating and they have to maintain a certain popularity level or bad things happen.

People have to work hard to provide social media value. There’s no choice, you have to be blissful. There is too much sweetness and the future is an unfocused hell. The stresses of modern day life tell on the ‘heroine’ in this pretentious tale. You have to have social media cachet to do stuff.

The heroine has an uncaring jerk brother. One can’t even get in the door of your workplace if you don’t have enough stars. You have to be impeccable. People do stupid voices. You have to act as though it’s effortless and you have to be show stopping all the time. This ep was not spellbinding or intense. There is no happiness.

The heroine is invited to a wedding. People are evangelical about social media. The heroine has sheer determination to be liked. Lord, she’s annoying. This was bog standard. The future is a pastel hell and things go awry for the heroine. This was not incredibly creative or innovative or challenging. One feels utmost contempt for the ‘heroine’. This was irrelevant.

Her popularity slides and the distressing consequences pile up and she goes crazy. People won’t help her. A truck driver gives her advice. She faces public ridicule and jail. She feels a definitive sense of loss. There is cultural torpor. She needs societal influence but has none. Her alleged ‘friend’ ditches her. You can’t get medical treatment if you don’t have enough stars. She’s treated with contempt and disparaging looks. She does a mortifying oration and finds happiness in emotional explosions.

This wasn’t talismanic and it was charmless. This was all deadweight clichés and the plot was preposterous. This had ramshackle construction and wasn’t raw entertainment. This was incredibly dull and left one uninterested.

Best Line:
“Put the stink on things.”

“Scrape himself back.”

“Biological carcrash!”

“Lifestyle community.”

“No-one is this happy.”

“Solid popularity arc.”

“Working hard on your socials.”

“Strangers like you.”

“Mid to low level folks.”

“Fake smile jail cells!”

“Big life day.”

“Restore calm.”

“Remove yourself.”

Wasn’t a meaningful encounter.”

“Anti-social maniac.”

“Point penalty.”

The Sport Of Penguins
Ethel Merman guest stars and shouts all her lines. How was she a Broadway legend? She’s a worse actor than Burt Ward! Robin’s destiny is controlled by Batman. Robin has no chance to disobey him because he lives chained to Batman’s side.

The whole world is shut out of Wayne Manor. Robin is placed into life-threatening danger by Batman. This ep leaves one particularly unimpressed. There is bad ADR. Robin’s very survival depends on Bruce’s satisfaction. People have social amnesia about Penguin. Baddies cause trouble and anxiety. Barbara sticks her nose in. The duo get pasted but get out of it off-screen. Get off the damn show Batgirl! This show is nostalgia laden.

Best Lines:
“Offending article.”




“Emergency Library Prowler Signal.”


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