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Book Review: Cobra Z

Cobra Z by Sean Deville
This has sexism, a lack of women in meaningful roles, so much sexual abuse and swearing. This is like ‘28 Days Later’ fanfic for 14 year old edgelords. I’m too old for this. A zombie virus is unleashed by religious nutters. The forces of power can’t stop it as they’ve no idea what they’re really facing.

I felt a swift discontinuation of interest in this story. This has sequels? Why? The author is not brilliantly skilled - there are spelling mistakes and layout errors and way too many POVs and I’ve no idea who these people are or why I should care.

Democracy is liquidated by the existential threat of zombies. Men use zombies as an excuse for egotistical displays. There is extreme violence as the ill effects spread. This wasn’t incrementally terrifying as logistically unfeasible things happen. Obvious social problems erupt and there is no desperation or gnawing pit of despair. There is only deadly violence and a lack of apocalyptic dread.

An authority challenging yob covets power. Reading this is punitive. There is savage cruelty and yet this was stupefying dull. The UK is now a place of abomination. This was not brutal or terrifying.

Best Lines:
“A third person ran around the corner, and hell came with him.”

“His bedroom was no longer a sacred place and could be invaded by armed men intent on his protection at any time.”

“Noah privilege.”

“Designed to level cities.”
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