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Movie Reviews: The Perfection + Catfight

The Perfection (2019)
2 cello players, one of whom is Allison Williams, are involved in weirdness. Their mentor (Steven Weber of ‘Helix’) lurks. God have mercy on them, no one else does. There is no imperative to care about this terrible terrible campy film. Womens worth is compromised. Obvious baddies have bad moral character. This had forceful criticism and one can see why. It’s terribly negative, ludicrously OTT and full of bad acting and a legacy of abuse. The final scene is a real WTF ingeniously sadistic moment.

Best Line:
“Come get me when she stops biting.”

Catfight (2016)
Sandra Oh, Alicia Silverstone and Anne Heche star in this comedy. Two college rivals (Oh and Heche) reunite and get into a endless brawl. This is set in a future where things go differently and people are always angry and fighting and screaming and have manic rage. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Courtney Love crazy!”
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