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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

‘Killing Season’ promo

‘Girls Meets Farm’ promo
Oh come on.

‘In Fabric’ trailer
An evil dress and Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s real accent.

Best Line:
“Scared of a dress.”

‘The FBI Files’ Quotes:
“Rigid social doctrine.”

“Loitering and prowling.”

“Branded dissenters.”

“Suffer reprisals.”

“Reach certain income goals.”

“Drove them out.”

“Don’t tolerate public criticism.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Send it back without mercy.”

“Triggering memory paths.”

Cobra Z’ Quote:
“To vomit her pestilence over the trapped masses.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Forces of elitism.”

“Morally defensible.”

“The relevance of their broader purpose.”

“Lessens you.”

“Moral fervour.”

“Blots out rational thought.”

“Disordered rage.”

“Statement of means.”

‘Urban Myths’ Quote:
“You deviant!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Mercedes bought drugs and she has defiant pride. People want to save Ste. James has a load of moochers in his house. This soap’s best days are behind it. Why won’t Harry get a job? Harry’s cheating on James? Oh Ste, ignorance is not a choice. People shrugged off Kyle framing James. Ste is confronted. Ste is thick and resentful. Ste has not had a transformational shift. Ste has an enduring desire to annoy and is the subject of unwanted pity.

Why is Ste such an attention magnet for TPTB? Does Ste even recall Doug who died needlessly? Ste isn’t being forced against his will to be racist and horrible. All he’s ever done is consider himself! Why is the hate group spending so much time supporting Ste and giving him unequivocal support? Tony cares more about Ste than his own son!

Ste seduced Harry when he was just out of boarding school, ruined his future and discarded him. And Tony LOVES Ste and disowned Harry! FFS! Does Tony know or even care that Harry was whoring himself on country roads? Sid’s dad is married to an Asian but Sid is not biracial. So where or who is Sid’s mother? Ste is a satanic eyesore. Tony deduces that Ste’s in with a far right group. Like DUH!

Best Lines:
“That lot.”

“You’re a disgrace!”

“Silenced by the liberal elite.”

“Violent and dangerous thugs.”

“Because he’s the victim in all this?”

“Reasonable peaceful protest.”
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