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Movie Reviews: Midnight Lace+Hostage To The Devil+Rim Of The World+The Mummy (2017)+ 1 more

Midnight Lace (1960)

Doris Day and Rex Harrison star. A woman has a stalker. She's in panic mode. Her husband patronises her. Day is the quiet and cooperative wife. Harrison is deliberately and very obviously evil. Day has acquiescence to her evil husband. Men mock women who are being sexually threatened and victim blame them. This was dull, sexist and dated.

Day is slightly dim and she is miserably besotted with her evil goob husband. Day gets endless obscene phone calls, people brush off these tactics of humilation and people assess the validity of her claims. This was so very very bad.

Best Lines:

“Tangling with invisble goblins in Hyde Park.”

“Dreadful bunch of clots.”

Hostage To The Devil (2016)

This is an Irish documentary about a warrior for God. Or was he? I'd a weight of expectation for this. But it was the very worse thing that ever happened. People badmouth Jesuits. Vatican II is debated. There is padding. The priest is an exorcist. This does not clarify its intentions. What is it about? It's not clear. This tries for serious content. People are disapproving and have a culture of their own. There is boring cultural backlash. It seems to be trying to manufacture a debate. Expectations are not met.

There is talk of a love scandal and exorcisms. The exorcist died and he had quit being a priest. What was the scandal? What was the point of this?

Best Lines:

“He hates us.”

“Words don't teach.”

“Good and holy man.”

“They know what exists and what doesn't.”

“Maligns him.”

“Brought the faith to them.”

“Charming Irish accent.”

“Walk with me no more.”

“Serve his will.”

“Exorcism course.”

“Criminal neglect charges.”

“Takes possession of your will.”

“The Catholic era.”

“Very angry faxes.”

“Defiling the innocence of that woman.”

Rim Of The World (2019)

From McG comes this horrible movie that sees an alien ship show up and destoy the ISS and kill the astronauts. Annoying kids go to a camp and a chaotic nightmare alien invasion unfolds. This was unpleasant and not particularly evocative. Screw this friend group. There is no unpredictability or destabilising chaos. This was pitiful and the 'hero' kid has extraordinarily high levels of anxiety and hopelessness.

Kids do inappropriate sex talk, explosive outburts and physical fights. This leaves you unmotivated. This was unpalatable. Kids harangue each other and are infuriating. Nobody has full decision making capacity in the toxic environment. They feel no overwhelming need to escape. This is of very poor quality.

People vent their feelings loudly. There is no enforcing of consequences. The kids get passed a thingy that'll save the world. Alien monsters attack. The kids see the atmosphere change and they scream and believe the world revolves around them. Better films are ripped off. There are whingeing kids and this was unnecessarily empty. One feels a detachment from the vast disconnect from sense.

There is appalling damage and aliens erode the very foundation of human civilization. This was horrendous and people stare listlessly at the camera. There is ignorance and the kids dwell in naivety. People yap about an astro key. Aliens have genocidal intent and there is death and this was rivetingly mortifying. Aliens stir up animosity. There is no existential risk, this was just abysmal..

Best Lines:

“Retail method.”

“It's Cujo!”

“Aliens want to jack our mountain bikes!”

“Can't get any worse.”

“Probably a diddler.”

“There is no away.”

The Mummy (2017)

They should never have opened her tomb! Tom Cruise kills the Dark Universe franchise before it even begins. Russell Crowe is in this as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This was not reasonably competent. A cruader tomb is found. Why is this important? It's not clear. There is a lot of exposition and no wonder this was subject to intense criticism and derision, it's terrible.

Cruise is smug and this makes your soul tired. A tomb/prison is found where a female mummy is kept in a pool of mercury. This makes no sense. Dr Jekyll lurks and becomes Hyde in the only scene people want to see. People mumble about Set. A comedy ghost lurks. This was all gross incompetence. The 'hero' sexually assaults the female mummy to death. One feels only derision for this disastrous film. This is a dud and absurd and Sofia Boutella as the female mummy was good. But this was reshot for more shots of Cruise's teeth. TPTB nave no sense. This was monumentally misjudged and unsatisfactory.

Best Lines:

“Built on centuries of death.”

“A secret erased from history.”

“At great cost.”

“It will call to him.”

“A living witness to a history that we barely know.”

“Death is a doorway.”

“Inherit her destiny.”

"The old gods? Your language is simple. What you truly wish to know is what lies beyond the veil of death. To know what I have seen."
"And you will. When I kill you."

My Father, My Son (1988)

A Vietnam/Agent Orange drama starring Karl Malden and Keith Carradine. This was dull.

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