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Gotham 5x03+STDS9 5x02+Earth Final Conflict 1x12+Berlin Station 2x06+And The Sea Will Tell Part 1 😁

Penguin, Our Hero

Penguin bores. Bruce and Selina bore. A guy babbles about the dark zone. There are fights. Barbara needs killing. Will this show END already? This bored.

Best Lines:

“300 pounds of ugly!”

"Act normal! I know it's a stretch."

The Ship

A Jem'Hadar ship crashes on a planet. Sisko wants it, the Jem'Hadar want it back. This was okay even if the VFX have dated.

Best Line:

“It was worth it.”

Sandoval's Run

Sandoval is vulnerable and collapses as his CVI breaks down. We see his real personality and he's nice and brooding and sad. Naturally TPTB ruined him in later seasons. Boone and the Resistance throw away a chance to help and recruit him. Which would in time lead to Boone's own death and Sandoval going evil. Nice going morons! The Taleons mind control of Sandoval caused his malevolent intent. Men point their cuffs at each other. Why don't the Resistance help Sandoval? Doors is an ass. Sandoval's crazy annoying wife screams. The Taelons don't reward loyalty. There is bad acting and this was medicore.

Best Lines:

“You can't unfry an egg.”

“Our errant implant.”

The Right Hook

Hector is bothered. There are constucted grievances and bad acting and a twist and an outpouring of bile. There is sickening, vengeful, vicious dishonesty and bad character intentions. No one answers a damn phone. Hector plots horrendous consequnces.

Best Lines:

“Nefarious entity.”

“And if I say no?”

“You won't.”

And The Sea Will Tell (1991) Part 1

Watching this true crime miniseries leaves you nowhere near reaching a conclusion about the guilt or innocence of the woman accused of taking part in a double murder. This is about a case that took place in the 70s. 2 couples sailed to a Pacific island, one couple left and the other couple vanished. The living couple had stolen the rich missing couple's boat so when in time the missing wife's bones washed up on the island, no one was suprised.

Rachel Ward plays Jennifer who is accused of taking part in the murder. Jennifer is not the woman's real name, in reality her name was Stephanie. She was defended and gotten off by Vincent Bugliosi. But did she and her boyfriend Buck murder the rich Mac and Muff? They never accused each other of the crime. Buck was convicted and went to jail but after he got out, he never implicated Jennifer.

Richard Crenna co stars as Bugliosi, Deidre Hall of 'Days Of Our Lives' plays Muff, John Kapelos plays Jennifer's original lawyer, James Brolin plays Mac and Clyde Kusatsu and Garwin Sanford also feature. Why did Buck arose a level of passion in Jennifer?

Was there natural malice in the hippies? Jennifer denies it of course, they always do. Jennifer is deceptive. Mac seemed to have a brazen lack of care. He took Muff sailing round the world when she hated it and wouldn't leave the island when Muff was scared of the hippies. Did anyone ever ask if Mac killed Muff and took off? After all, Mac's body has never been found.

Buck had general jerkishness but so did Mac. Sympathy begins to dwindle for Jennifer. This feels more sinister in its conclusions. Muff and Jennifer were both ill used by their idiot men. This is not a powerful emotional narrative. A swirl of suspicion surrounds Jennifer. Did she do terrible things? Jennifer has fallen into disfavour and disgrace.

Things are ridiculously ambiguous. Mac was resentful and wished the hippies didn't exist on the island. Jennifer's family try to contain the impact of her disastrous dating choices. One assesses the validity of Jennifer's story and the company she kept didn't help her. There is toxic unease and Jennifer is highly irritating.

Best Lines:

“You're under arrest!”

“No kidding.”

“Land crabs.”

“Is she innocent?”

“Pretty grisly accusations.”

“Humilation sessions.”

“Turned up as a bunch of bones.”

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