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Book Reviews: Worst Case Scenario + No Way Out

Worst Case Scenario by Helen Fitzgerald

From the author of 'Viral', 'The Cry' and 'Dead Lovely' comes this tale of a menopausal social worker, Mary, who is assigned to the case of a wife killer who has just been released from jail. He wrote a book justifying murdering his wife and it is a best seller and he has a devoted fanbase. Mary develops a poisonous obsession with the murderer. This leads to increasingly disastrous, real and tragic consequences.

Mary is a drunk and an idiot and is incompetent at her job. She has a pathological avoidance of sense. She has extreme challenging behaviour and this leads to the collapse of her social supports and emotional havoc and ungovernable rage. This was good. Mary and her confused thoughts and delusional thinking had no boundaries she would not pass.

Best Lines:

“Attic-worthy lunatic.”

“Seemingly chance events were never beneficial.”

“Everyone hates a Denier.”

“A ghost estate ruled by vigilantes.”

“Gained a whole heap of sinister.”

“When did I make the choice that ended here?”

“This is all I do and I hate it.”

No Way Out by Cara Hunter

This is the 3rd DI Adam Fawley thriller, I've never read 1&2. Fawley's bitch wife has run off. Also, as Christmas ends – a family home has been burnt down. As the dead rack up, Fawley and his co-workers look into a not so perfect family. It's a tale of greed and an angry white man. This was okay. This has so many POVs, one feels insurmountbale disgust for the truly appalling angry white man.

Best Lines:

“What we found locked in his cellar.”

“Chairs pushed back against the wall, and the smell of piss, and the telly on sixteen hours a day.”

“Wills herself not to notice.”

“Suspects she's been listening outside for a while. No kettle takes that long to boil.”

“Philip should be the disappointment. And yet to listen to my father you'd think I was sleeping rough under Charing Cross Station.”

“To ensure generations you'll never even see will conform to your own conception of the family, to your idea of its legacy and its position.”

“Broken into his family, stolen their love.”

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