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Movie Reviews: Bad Milo!+ Weed The People + Adrift

Bad Milo! (2013)

Ken Marino stars as a man who has a crap monster who lives in his ass who comes out to kill people. This is as bad and as intrinsically boring as it sounds.

Best Line:


Weed The People (2018)

This is an okay documentary about medical cannabis. This was not searingly insightful or perspective-changing. One woman seems like a kook flogging woo-woo to the desperate. A couple with a sick baby think the right way to proceed is with weed not chemo. This is not the right way. This features an ideologically lunatic wing.

A lot of people have a conspiratorial worldview. People face emotionally destructive events. Decisions are made without facts behind them. There are emotional effects and desperate thoughts and trauma too awful to imagine. People face the most horrific of times and have desperate needs. Is cannabis a mitigation measure? Possibly. There is acute distress and high prices. People talk about canmed and cannakids. What year is this taking place? This does make you think.

Best Lines:

“Something that remotely resembled medicine.”

“I didn't even know we were on google.”

“Becoming less worthwhile living.”

“Cannabis practice.”

“Start having standards.”

“Very difficult to do cannabis work.”

“Felt lied to.”

“Not a popular decision.”

“Smells very solventy.”

“The IQ arguement.”

“Extension of life.”

“Cancer kid face.”

“Oil maker.”


“Suppressing all of this.”

Adrift (2018)

This is a true story. In 1983 Tami (Shailene Woodley) and Richard (Sam Clafin) are hired to sail a yacht to San Diego from Tahiti. But a hurriance caused the yacht to suffer catastrophic damage leading to a 41 day fight to survive.

Tami and Richard look sun kissed before they board the yacht. They've no idea how their resilence will be tested. This is okay if not gripping. Tami feels significant fear and alarm after the yacht is badly damaged: the radio is destroyed, the wheel and rudder are damaged, the mast was ripped off and it is leaking.

Their job took an unfortunately serious turn and nobody hears Tami's mayday as the tale unfolds in non-linear fashion. Tami faces inner turmoil and the devastation of the yacht. There is grief, shock, denial and disappointment. She and Richard bonded. They're not risk-averse. This holds no resonance.

They were paid $10,000 to sail the rich couple's back to San Diego. Richard was a naval academy dropout? They were blown off course by the hurriance and are drifting. There is obvious wound makeup. Tami decides to sail to Hawaii and talks about wind, current and knots. There is limited food and water. The hugely damaging hurriance took away Tami's dreams for the future. She survived extremely challenging adverse events.

There is expository dialogue. What happened to the land bird blown onto the yacht during the hurriance? There is rueful bonding over dysfunctional upbringings. Tami has furious determination to survive. Tami catches and eats raw fish. She is finally rescued. We see pictures of the real Richard and Tami.

Best Lines:

“If we miss Hawaii, we die.”

“We're gonna die out here.”

“No shipping lanes. No one knows we're here.”

“Dad, if he's around.”

“Should we be bored?”

“That's not good.”

“If you miss Hawaii.”

“I know, there's nothing until Japan.”

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