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Kings Ep 12 Review

The New King, Part 1

Jack's a jerk as he and Cross plot Silas' death. The former King gives Silas some really bad advice. David broods but he's so wooden and lacking in charisma or vitality, no-one cares. Silas is gunned down. Cross blames Gath and wants to restart the war. Jack is King now but he's just a puppet. Queen Rose remains composed and styled despite being slathered in her husband's blood and fighting for her family's lives.

Cross enjoys his power and mocks Silas' grandiose speech patterns. Jack is oddly content to be Cross' lackey. But hark! Silas lives and he's got the gleam of vengeance in his eye. Despite all that this wasn't good. Silas is loved by two women, his wife who scorns Cross and his mistress who hid and protected him. What does David have? A sulky Princess. Long Live King Silas!

Best Lines:
"If you want to have any chance of saving him. You give the King a reason to say yes when you beg."

"Those for, plant in front of the cameras. Those against, plant in the dirt."

"Let them remember it was my will that built from the ashes this nation and put in their mouth the right to complain. But there are limits, now reached."

"It is always better to be loved than feared. Some of us made the mistake the other way and it does not go well."

"Silas is dead. Killed by Gath assassins. The media will confirm the story today. Jack will be King. His first order will be to avenge his father's murder."

"He's alive. He'll come back and he will kill us all."
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